2017 Closed and Awarded Bids

 Bid #

Bid Title (Bid Sheets)

Award (ITAs)

FB 17-141 Post Tension Tennis court Project (Pre-Qual only) .
RFP 17-091 Signs Sunset Neighborhood (Pre-qual only) .
FB 17-211 Vista Bus Stop Enhancements, Phase 1 Chadez Concrete Inc
FB 17-204 Fire Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services .
SFB 17-227 Redwood Park Pump System Upgrade .
SFB 17-232 One (1) Wheel Rake (2016 or newer)  .
FB 17-163  ALEB Electrical Power Upgrades .
RFP 17-234 Misc. Architectural Services .
SFB 17-231 Electric Utility Vehicles (Mid-Size) .
RFQ 17-229 Pre-Qual: Trail Building, Maintenance and Repair .
IFB 17-249 New 4" Service Line to 1210 W. Boise Ave. .
IFB 17-247 New 4' Service to 1818 S Owyhee .
SFB 17-213 Police Evidence Towing Services B&W Wrecker
DB 17-201 Lead Reclamation & Remediation Services Metals Treatment Technologies LLC
IRFP 17-172 Graphic Novel  .
FB 17-169 Bulk Dry Polymer BASF Corporation
SRFQ 17-158 Comic Con Mural


FB 17-192 Overhead Street Light Replacement Power Plus Inc
SRFP 17-150 Neighborhood Plan for Boise’s East End .
FB 17-160  Terry Day Parking Lot .
IRFP 17-181 Comic Con Mural Fabrication & Installation Trademark
RFP 17-199 Technical Infrastructures Services Precision Communications Inc
IFB 17-196 Discovery Center Parking Lot Improvements Clearwater Landscape & Irrigation, LLC
SFB 17-202 Landscape Chemicals Simplot Partners
RFP 17-087  Homeless Mngt Info System (HMIS) Lead Agency  .
SRFQ 17-161 Fine Art Framers for Contract Fine Art Services, Finer Frames, Gray’s Art and Framing, John Studebaker, Picture This Gallery and Frame Shop, Van Dyck Frame Design
FB 17-154 Giraffe Tamer Fauna Research
FB 17-193 East Lake Forest Drive Sewer Blue Sky Construction LLC
SRFP 17-195 Production Avenue Sewer Rehabilitation American General Contractors
FB 17-134 City Hall Plaza Renovation (CM contract 15 trade bids Multiples Listed Below
FB 17-134-1  Demolition Abatement Pro Inc
FB 17-134-2 Earthwork Paul Constsruction Inc
FB 17-134-3 Concrete McAlvain Concrete Inc
FB 17-134-4 Landscape Boden Haus Landscape Inc
FB 17-134-5 Pavers Boden Haus Landscape Inc
FB 17-134-6 Steel Mountain Steel Fabrication
FB 17-134-7  Water Feature Johnston Architectural Systems Inc
FB 17-134-8  Waterproofing Cobra BEC Inc
FB 17-134-9 Framing Stucco Interior Systems Inc
FB 17-134-10  Structural Foam Cobra BEC Inc
FB 17-134-11 Site Furnishings TBD
FB 17-134-12 Painting TBD
FB 17-134-13 Plumbing Buss Mechanical
FB 17-134-14 Electrical Doherty Electric Inc
RFP 17-190 Waterway & Misc Land Survey Services Quadrant Consulting, Inc.
RFQ 17-168 Fabrication & Installation Interpretive Signs

Advanced Signs, Signs2U, Trademark Sign Company 

RFQ 17-180 Police Micro-District Station Architectural Services LCA Architects
RFP 17-146 Datacenter Facility Agreement Involta, LLC
FB 17-189 Root Control Program  Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc.
FB 17-188 Large Dia Sewer MainLine CIPP Spot Repairs Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc.
IFB 17-185 Quail Hollow Bar/Cafe Remodel J2 Construction
RFP 17-166  Feasibility Study for Library Capital Campaign Donor By Design Group, LLC., Inc.
RFQ 17-176 Performing Arts Facility Consulting Services AMS Planning & Research Corp
FB 17-178 Screen Cleaning Rake System Mecan-Hydro Inc.
FB 17-145 Fedex Site Improvements Diamond Contractors LLC
SFB 17-197 Airport Radios Gem State Communications
SRFP 17-106 Geese Hazing Services Tree City Management, LLC
SRFP 17-177 Compensation Strategy Services Payscale Inc
CMGC 17-102 Lander Street Facility Improvements McAlvain Construction Inc.

SRFP 17-151

Neighborhood Plan for Boise's Central Bench

Agnew::Beck Consulting, Inc.

SFB 17-103

Dry Goods, Zoo Boise

Animal Specialties

SFB 17-136 Royal Landscape Cutting Edge Landscape
RFQ 17-141 Pre-Qualification Post Tension Tennis Court A) General Acrylics B) Tennis & Track C) Wright Brothers-Proposals #2

RFP 17-079

Parks & Rec Software Search .
SRFP 17-156 Parks & Scofflaw Towing & Impound Services Boise Valley Towing.
SRFP 17-155 Towing Fleet Boise Valley Towing.
CMGC 17-132 Civic Center for Education & Culture Developer Services Gardner Development – Okland Construction Partnership
DB 17-109 Zoo Boise Roof Project -Step 2 prequal only Modern Roofing
SFB 17-159 Fitness Equipment Pro Maxima
FB 17-121 PDS, 2nd Floor Remodel  Excelsior Construction Company
FB 17-116   Julia Davis Park Grand Plaza Granite Excavation
FB 17-088 VALE Solar Thermal Hot Water System Project RM Mechanical, Inc.
FB 17-110  Annual Irrigation Supplies SiteOne Landscape Supply
SRFP 17-135 Cassia Park Pedestrian Bridge Design Services River Structures Consulting
SFB 17-133  Service Body & Crane Advanced Truck & Equipment Company 
RFP 17-123 Exhibit Designer James Castle Home Site Studio Maelstrom
SRFP 17-105 Genetec Maintenance & Support CompuNet Inc
DB 17-112 Boise Zoo, Painting Project Adam Roe Painting
DB 17-111 Boise Zoo Play Structures Cancelled
FB 17-098 Commercial Chassis Pumper Tender Boise Mobile Equipment, Inc.
FB 17-118 Sm Diameter Rehabilitation FY17 Phase 2 Titan Technologies, Inc.
SFB 17-114 Ivywild Pool Deck Replacement BriCon Inc
DB 17-109 Zoo Boise Roofing Project Modern Roofing.
FB 17-101 WB Maintenance Building Addition  Wright Brothers, The Building Company
IFB 17-095 Install Artwork on I-84 Broadway Interchange Bridge Winspear Construction, LLC.
SFB 17-115 Frozen Whole Prey Rodent Pro
FB 17-046 Uniteruptible Power Supply Replacement Quality Electric Inc
RFQ 17-091 Signs for Sunset Neighborhood

Signs2U, Trademark Sign Company

SFB 17-108 Gas Mask Replacements L.N. Curtis & Sons dba Curtis Blue Line
FB 17-090 Watershed Interior Improvements Triple G Construction Inc
FB 17-094 Bown Library Furniture A) Business Interiors of Idaho B) Office Environment Company
SFB 17-080 36th Landscaping Avalon Landscape
RFP 17-085 Media Buying A) Rizen Creative Company B) Communications ET AL
IRFP 17-083 Call to Editors - FDR & Barber Penrose House Press, LLC
FB 17-082 Self Check Range Units Minitex
FB 17-089 Concentrated Caustic Soda Solution BHS Marketing LLC
FB 17-057 City Hall Electric Services Upgrade Re-bid No Bid - Open Market
SRFP 17-052 Senior Center Janitorial Services ABM Janitorial Services
SFB 17-071 Snow Removal Avalon Landscape Inc
RFP 17-053 Car Wash Services Mr Car Wash
RFI 17-074 Wildlife Control Technology & Services Closed
RFP 17-048 Concert Series Cancelled
IFB 17-072 Playground Surface Materials Sonnatag Recreation Inc
SFB 17-066 Castle Hills Playground Installation Garrett & Company, Inc.

RFQ 17-034



SFB 17-055

Automated Optical Disc Maintenance System


SFB 17-063

Domestic Well Repair

Post Drilling Inc

RFQ 17-030

Renewable Energy Planning Services

All Bids Rejected

FB 17-032

Small Diameter Rehabilitation FY17 Phase1

Titan Technologies

 FB 17-027

 Ferric Chloride Liquid Solution 

BHS Specialty Chemical Products