Meters And Boundaries

Park Cards

Beginning October 1, 2015 we will no longer be selling or refilling parking meter park cards. We are in the process of upgrading our parking meters so that we can provide more convenient payment options. New parking meters accept credit/debit cards as well as DBA Gift Cards. Please click here for information on where to purchase these gift cards.  

20 Free Minutes at the Parking Meters

All of the electronic parking meters have a button that activates up to 20 free minutes of parking time. The 20 free minutes is not automatic and requires the button be pushed. Additional time can be added after the button has been presses (up to the maximum time for that meter: 1 or 2 hours). All parking meters take coins and all of the newly installed meters accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) as well as downtown gift cards.

meter sticker

Credit Card Meters

The new parking meters that have been installed in the BODO area, around Boise City Hall, and on 8th street utilize the latest in parking meter technology. These parking meters are user friendly and accept coins, credit cards and Downtown Boise gift cards. Visit the Downtown Boise Association's website to find out about the easiest way to pre-pay for metered parking!

 dba visa mastercard

Parking Meter Tokens