SFB 09-126: Plan Holders Information

Project Type & #: SFB 09-126
Title: Warm Springs Golf Course: Excavation & Rough Grading Improvements
Bid Opening Date: 03/27/2009 @3:00 PM
PreBid Date: 03/16/2009 @10:00 AM
PreBid Location: Warm Springs Golf Course - Clubhouse @ 2495 Warm Springs Ave., Boise
Estimate: $50,000-$65,000
Scope Of Work: Project consists of; Clearing, grubbing and excavation to enlarge an existing water feature pond., and the placement of the excavated pond material on site and the rough grading of material to meet specified compaction requirements and elevation certification.
Addenda(How many): 3
Contract: yes

Plan Rooms

Name: Contact Name: Address: Phone: Fax:
McGraw-Hill Construction/Dodge Ron Allen 8060 Arapahoe Way
Boise, ID 83714
(208) 608-5392 (208) 336-1364
AGC Jenny Larson 1649 W. Shoreline Dr.
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 344-2531 (208) 343-5321

Plan Holders List

Company Name: Phone: Fax: Contact Name:
King Excavation208-459-3420208-459-6689Ed Danti
M.R. Miller208-344-1387208-344-3329Mike Miller
Warner Construction208-333-0189208-331-9070Craig Fischer
Allens Water Tender 208-860-1953208-653-2345John Allen
C&A Paving208-362-4244208-362-4190Jerry Long
Elliot Scott Earthmoving208-343-7400208-343-0374Bruce Scott
Hills Construction208-371-3374208-467-9544Caleb Johnson
Shamrock Construction208-389-8747208-454-0183Martha
Paradise Construction208-585-2936208-585-6161Richard Degity
Gardner Construction208-392-4576208-392-4950Neil Gardner
Ross Excavation208-850-0085208-855-0445Jeff Ross
Idaho Sand & Gravel208-466-5001208-466-4167Dewey Bailey
Diamond Contractors208-854-3637208-854-3711Jeff Arant
Jim Russell Excavation208-922-5292208-922-3839Courtney
Central Paving208-338-0818208-338-1329Ryan Ward
WF Construction208-895-0600208-895-0625Josh Young
Barts Backhoe208-866-2091208-362-7726Bart Hendricks
American General Contractors208-941-2627208-895-8367Byion Barnett
Lurre Construction208-459-8624208-459-9661Jesse Geary
McAlvain Construction208-362-2125208-362-4356Candice Catrell
Tuffy Excavation208-562-1720208-562-1716Brian Cluff
Terra West 208-459-4477208-459-6211Cody Echevarria
Gerhard Borbonus Landscaping208-362-0525208-362-2044Veronique Borbonus
Ideal Demolition208-369-0311208-365-4915David Aparicio
Schmidt Construction208-362-7227208-362-7286Pete Wilson
Meridian Fence208-888-6131208-888-6131Chris Odegard
Bodiford Construction208-853-5378208-853-5381Jerry Taylor