Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division is comprised of the administrative offices of the Department of Finance and Administration.  Included in Administrative Services is the Office of the City Clerk, Office of Print and Mail Services, Office of Parking Services and Office of Fleet Services.

The Administrative Services Manager is responsible for the offices assigned to Administrative Services.

The City Clerk is responsible for:

  • Maintaining complete and accurate record of all City Council proceedings
  • Preserves and presents vital city records
  • Conducts citywide elections
  • Supports the legislative work of the Mayor and City Council
  • Codifies and presents the code of city ordinances
  • Publishes legal and public notices
  • Regulates specific business activities, animals and child care facilities

City Print and Mail Services provides:

  • Internal support to Boise City and other tax-supported agencies in the areas of:
    • graphic arts
    • document reproduction
    • mail and distribution services