Welcome to City Print and Mail Services

City Print and Mail Services is a working example of effective government consolidation.  Our division provides internal support to Boise City and Ada County governments in the areas of graphic arts, document reproduction, mail and distribution services.  We also provide document services to other tax-supported agencies.

Written communications within each government and with our citizens is our primary focus.  City Print and Mail Services offers convenience, confidentiality, cost-effectiveness, and quality to our customers.  With many years of experience in our respective fields, we frequently consult with departments on their various projects, recommending effective yet efficient methods to achieve the desired results.

City Print and Mail Services maintains active membership in the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association and in the Greater Boise Postal Customers Council, thereby continuing our education in our trades, exchanging information with our peers, and keeping current with the latest trends, technology advances, and the process improvements in the graphics and mail industries.

Contact: Sylvia Marmon (208) 972-8123