Animal Compliance

The Boise Police Department, Idaho Humane Society and City of Boise Animal Compliance all have the authority to enforce the rules and regulations outlined below in regards to dogs in city parks.

  • If you have an immediate concern, contact Non-Emergency Police Dispatch at (208) 377-6790.
  • Direct general questions or comments to the Idaho Humane Society at (208) 343-3166 or City of Boise Animal Compliance at (208) 972-8150 or via our online form.

Boise City Code

Dog owners must adhere to the following laws when visiting Boise City Parks with their dogs:

  • Dogs are required to be licensed (BCC 6-07). Click here for more information on licensing.
  • Dogs may not harass humans or other animals (BCC 6-07).
  • Dogs must be on a leash unless in an area otherwise indicated (BCC 13-03-06).
  • Owners are required to remove fecal matter deposited by their pets (BCC 13-03-06).

Park users in violation of any of the above ordinances or any other rules of the parks outlined in Boise City Code may be cited, fined, and asked to leave.

Dog Off-Leash Rules and Regulations 

Visitors to the Dog Off-Leash Parks/Areas should be aware of the following: 


  • You must wear a visible and current license.
  • If you're aggressive, you're not welcome. Period.


  • You are legally responsible for your dog's behavior and any injuries or damages he/she causes.
  • By entering the dog off-leash area, you do so at your own risk and agree to abide by all park rules.
  • Never leave the off-leash area without your dog(s), leave them unattended, or allow them out of sight.
  • You are required to carry the equipment necessary to clean up after your dog. Remove and dispose of waste in bins provided.
  • Always carry a leash; leash dogs when entering/leaving park.