Code Compliance

  • Code Violations: How do I report a violation?

    Report Code Violations

    • Call (208) 972-8150 and leave your name, address, phone, the exact address of the concern and the specific issue you wish to report.
    • File Complaint Online: Click here to file an online complaint.
  • Code Violations: Are violations a criminal issue?

    Code Violations

    • Any violation of city ordinances is a misdemeanor violation, punishable by fines of up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail. 
  • Confidentiality: Will my name be kept confidential if I report a violation?


    • City policy protects the name of any complainant. However if a case goes to court, your name may be revealed if the case goes to trial.
  • Temporary Signs: What can be done about signs on light or telephone poles?

    Temporary Signs

    • The zoning administrator is in the process of getting the code re-written to allow Code Compliance officers to remove these signs from poles. In the meantime, we open cases based on complaints, and if we have a phone number or address we will contact the violator and ask them to remove the signs.
  • Abandoned Property: What can be done about yellow jackets, gophers, rats or mice?

    Pests on Abandoned Property

    • Code Compliance can have the property owner secure the property and clean up any junk and debris left on the property. City ordinances do not address yellow jackets or rodents.
  • Landlords: What can tenants do about landlords who won't fix things?


    • In some cases, we'll have the tenant contact the Building division, fill out a substandard housing form, and have a building inspector perform an inspection for code violations. 
    • Tenants can also call Legal Aid (208-345-0106) or Renter/Tenant Rights Consumer Protection (208-334-2424) for assistance.
  • Weeds: What type of vegetation is covered by City ordinances?


    • City codes prohibit weeds and/or grasses over 12" high which cover more than 50% of any parcel. Zoning does not enforce bare or unwatered lawns, or trees which overhang onto a neighboring property.