FY12/FY13 Budget - Arts & History

Mission Statement

To enhance the City of Boise by providing leadership, advocacy, education, services, and support for arts and history in order for people to create, engage and connect with the community.


  • Excellent staff performance with limited resources
  • Systems improvements, including implementation of  professional practices in art and artifact conservation, and contact management
  • Strong internal and external partnerships
  • Improved communications and engagement strategies
  • Provide access to arts, cultural, historic resources for all ages and income levels
  • Growing collection of 90+ pieces of public art throughout city plus Boise Visual Chronicle
  • Provide opportunities for cultural workers
  • Respected grant program
  • Increasing role in economic development through cultural and civic tourism (brochures, tours, grants)


  • Lack of personnel and financial resources will delay full implementation of Department
  • Requests for funding in grant program outweigh resources available
  • Cultural facility needed (archival, gallery, presentation)
  • Legal/purchasing/insurance is complicated and overall support is needed (and flexibility required for often unique situations in A&H)
  • Interdepartmental consultation regarding artwork and historic artifacts


  • Develop a city cultural center
  • Merchandising plan; develop additional products to sell
  • Cultural tourism opportunities
  • Identify and plan for big initiatives: Sesquicentennial, Urban Trails, Culturally-Certified, Arts Education Partnership, folk festival
  • Expand cultural programs throughout city
  • Tell stories: through oral and video history, document people and places that matter locally
  • Identify the un-cataloged historical information and materials related to Boise that exist in both City departments and public and private collections that could made accessible to researchers in new/improved city archival center
  • Department-offered consulting services


  • Political backlash for funding culture
  • Economic shift: long-term reduction in public funding and changing nature of philanthropy for local non-profits and individual artists and historians
  • Limited retention of keeping artists and other cultural workers in Boise