FY12/FY13 Budget - Aviation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Airport is to provide for the current and future air transportation needs of the Boise Airport Market through superior customer service and sustainable planning, financial, environmental, resource management and economic development practices.


  • Low Cost Airport
  • Quality of Staff
  • State of the art facility
  • Diversified revenue base
  • Strong customer/facility service
  • Land Availability
  • Strong financial position/Low debt
  • Physical location
  • Strong Tenant/Stakeholder relations
  • Stable/Diversified air service


  • Difficulty in attracting/retaining personnel
  • Stabilizing personnel requirements
  • Conflicts with other departments/agencies land use plans
  • Federal regulations/restrictions on use of land
  • Name recognition
  • Public awareness of airport
  • Fuel storage


  • Rebounding economy
  • Strong position to market and initiate development
  • Military expansion (new missions)


  • Non-compatible land use
  • Operational threats
  • Environmental regulatory costs
  • Unfunded federal mandates
  • Uncertainty of long term AIP legislation
  • Protection of airspace
  • Short term rather than long term strategic policy
  • Airline industry economics
  • Public airport opposition