FY12/FY13 Budget - Finance and Administration

Mission Statement

The Department of Finance and Administration exists to support the citywide mission of providing exceptional municipal services and keeping Boise a safe and vibrant community. This is accomplished through a department staff that is committed to teamwork, expertise, consistency, balance and integrity.


  • Moving toward resource driven budgeting.
  • Basic financial systems produce reliable results.
  • Knowledgeable staff.
  • Good working relationships between liaisons and department staff.
  • Diverse offering of products and services.


  • Purchasing protocols not effective.
  • Accountability for budget management not clearly defined.
  • Budget and financial processes are time-consuming and tasks not value added.
  • Planning process doesn’t focus on strategic plan.
  • Policies and Administrative Regulations not fully embraced by all departments.
  • Staffing reductions have negatively impacted performance of enforcement activities.
  • Lack of commitment to fully fund life cycle costs for equipment, vehicles and IT infrastructure.
  • Records Management implementation has stalled.
  • Current Code revision demand exceeds resources.  


  • ERP will streamline financial processes.
  • EMT/City Council demanding simplified, less time-consuming budget development and reporting.
  • Explore in-sourcing opportunities.
  • ERP will create staffing capacity in departments (Payroll, A/R, A/P and Purchasing).
  • Centralized pool should reduce fleet density.


  • ERP implementation may strain resources.
  • Too many changes going on at once.
  • Departments replacing centralized services with their own excess staff capacity.
  • Key staff retirements pending in next three years.
  • Economic downturn has increased workload, (Collections, NSF and Vendor protests) while staff has been reduced.