FY12/FY13 Budget - Information Technology

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Technology Department is "To serve the public by partnering with our customers to provide accurate, timely, and reliable technology solutions that support the strategic direction of the City of Boise. "


  • Dedicated, talented staff
  • Good teamwork
  • Business process knowledge
  • IT alignment to citywide business directives
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Customer relationships
  • Institutional knowledge


  • Duplicate infrastructure
  • Lack of cross-training
  • Lack of documentation
  • Inconsistent IT Processes


  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Business process improvement
  • Inter-agency cooperation and partnerships
  • Project prioritization and scheduling
  • Technology Improvement


  • Potential divisional silos
  • Economic climate
  • Outside security threats
  • Lack of continuing customer training
  • Departments performing IT tasks
  • Lack of funding to replace/upgrade existing technology