FY12/FY13 Budget - Library

Mission Statement

To assist members of the community in educating themselves and enhancing their personal, business, and social well-being through the use of library resources and services.


  • Dedicated, innovative, service oriented and experienced staff
  • Strong and positive reputation with public and library community
  • Increased visibility with the public
  • Neighborhood Library locations and Central Library Locations; improved access
  • Diverse collection of materials and emerging formats
  • Partnerships with outside agencies and library support groups
  • Use of technology for public information needs
  • Collaborative Library Leadership
  • High Tech/High Touch Public service


  • Need additional fiscal support for centralized functions
  • Main library parking
  • Poor space allocation, inadequate space, inadequate infrastructure at the main library
  • Space per capita below national standard
  • Insufficient funding for stronger and more in-depth collection
  • Limited marketing efforts
  • Public PC access limited, below national standard


  • Economic climate has encouraged new users, retain new users
  • Increased visibility provides opportunity for additional fund raising and community giving
  • Library becoming a gathering place or “third place” for the community
  • Increasing demographic diversity can promote use of the library
  • Support for use by members of the “creative class.”
  • Technological and collection development cooperation with other libraries


  • Competition from the internet (direct to customer) and privatization of services
  • Slow economic recovery
  • Increased technology costs
  • Rapid rate of emerging technologies and effect on staff training and collections
  • Increased service demands with status quo funding
  • Disconnect with young adults and teenagers
  • Security issues