FY12/FY13 Budget - Parks & Recreation

Mission Statement

Parks and Recreation's mission is to enhance Boise's quality of life by working in partnership with the community to foster and support citizen well being and community environments.


  • Partnerships
  • Volunteers
  • Youth program demand
  • AZA Accredited Zoo Boise
  • Balanced, diverse, responsive and flexible system
  • Operations aligned with mission
  • Interdepartmental communication
  • Vision and planning
  • Experienced, professional, committed, dedicated, experienced staff
  • Customer focused
  • Strong public brand
  • Important economic development tool
  • Impact fees to fund growth related capital facilities
  • Mobile Recreation
  • 6 Neighborhood based recreation centers
  • Top rated P&R programs
  • Extensive parks system


  • Limited resources to match partnerships and donors
  • Declining health of urban forest
  • Lack of community centers to serve dis-investment areas of the city
  • Accessibility of services in divested neighborhoods
  • Inadequate scholarship funding
  • Weather dependent program revenue at the Zoo and Warm springs Golf Course
  • Lack of marketing funds
  • Long term sustainability of donations, gifts and partnerships
  • Annexation of impact area and development of parks


  • Preservation of open space
  • Joint marketing with other departments
  • Increase youth scholarships
  • Expand Mobile Recreation program
  • Wildlife protection resources
  • Partnerships with outside agencies
  • Increase sustainable practices and programs
  • Contribute to re-investment and economic development in disinvestment areas
  • Major Park Development – Marianne Williams, Terry Day, Esther Simplot
  • Leverage Social media
  • Complete River Recreation park


  • Inability to develop in area of impact due to annexation issues
  • Maintain Level of Service  of parks and recreation facilities due to increase use
  • Diseases in the Zoo’s Animal collection
  • Competition for recreation and charitable dollars
  • Lack of collaboration with County
  • Loss of concession and vendor revenue
  • Succession planning
  • Capital funds
  • Funding for foothills and open space properties
  • Availability of zoo animals
  • Failure of Ada County to adopt Park Impact Fee updates