• How do I become a vendor with the City of Boise?

    If your company wishes to be notified of bidding opportunities, you can register with DemandStar or BidNet.  When registered with either of these programs, vendors will receive automatic notification via e-mail or fax of bidding opportunities based on the NIGP codes selected during registration.

  • How do I obtain specifications and plans?

    There are four ways to obtain bid documents: 

    • DemandStar - Vendors may register for DemandStar services online www.demandstar.com/register.rsp or by calling 1-800-711-1712. Three membership options are available with DemandStar. We highly recommend you select “Free Agency” to download information at no charge.
    • BidNet - Vendors may register for BidNet services online https://www.bidnetdirect.com/ or by calling 1-800-835-4603. BidNet registration is free.
    • Companies opting not to register with either of these programs to receive automatic bid notifications can pick up specifications and plans at Financial Services, Purchasing Office, 1st Floor, City Hall, 150 N. Capitol Blvd., Boise.
    • Requests for specifications sent via FedEx must include the FedEx account number and whether Priority Overnight or Standard Overnight delivery is preferred.
      • In order to release specifications and plans, the following information is required to be completed on the order form:
        • Name of Company
        • Name of Contact Person
        • Company Mailing Address
        • Telephone Number
        • Fax Number (It is important to include a fax number so that we can get any addendum information to you as soon as possible.)
        • An email address is required
        • A non-refundable deposit may be required prior to release of specifications and plans.
  • Where can I find a current list of State contracts?

    A current list of State contracts can be found at this link.