Public Records Request

Your Right to Public Information

Every person has a right to examine and take a copy of any public record of this city; there is a presumption that all public records in Boise are open at all reasonable times for inspection except as otherwise expressly provided by statute.

All Requests can be made directly to the City Department responsible for the record.  If the department responsible is unknown, requests can be submitted directly to the Office of the City Clerk.

*Note - If a request is made for an item that is not a "Public Record", the Idaho Public Records Act may not be applicable.  Staff will do whatever is necessary to ensure that all requests are screened to ensure only "Public Records" are accessed.

Public Records Requests

Complete a Public Records Request Form and transmit it using one of the following methods:

  • A Request by Mail may be made by sending a completed and signed Public Records Request Form to:  Financial Services, Purchasing, P.O. Box 500, Boise, ID 83701  Attn: Public Records Request
  • A Request by Fax may be made by faxing a completed and signed Public Records Request Form to: 208-384-3995.
  • A Request in Person may be made by stopping by City Hall and dropping off a completed and signed Public Records Request Form to Financial Services, Purchasing.

In order to best serve the public, all requests to examine or copy public records MUST BE MADE IN WRITINGA response to the request will be made within three business days after receiving it. Please sign all forms transmitted by Fax, Regular Mail, or in Person.

There can be costs associated with the gathering and reproducing of records. The customer must pay the appropriate cost to Financial Services before the records are distributed. if there are questions concerning the costs involved, please ask a Financial Service's staff member prior to submitting the request.

*Note -Records released pursuant to this request are not warranted as to completeness or accuracy. The information provided represents the disclosable information pursuant to Idaho Code Title 9, Chapter 3, and Boise City Code 1-6-11. Additional records from other sources may present a more accurate representation of a given situation.


Public Record:
includes, but is not limited to, any writing containing information relating to the conduct or administration of the public's business prepared, owned, used or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics. (Idaho Code 9-337(10)

includes, but is not limited to, handwriting, typewriting, printing, photo stating, photographing, and every means of recording, including letters, words, pictures, sounds or symbols or combination thereof, and all papers, maps, magnetic or paper tapes, photographic films and prints, magnetic or punched cards, discs, drums and other documents. (Idaho Code 9-337(12))

means any natural person, corporation, partnership, firm, association, joint venture, state or local agency or any other recognized legal entity.