2011 Closed and Awarded Bids

Bid # Bid Title Award
RFP 11-203 City Hall Plaza Public Art  
FB 11-202 UV Disinfection Facility Improvements Performance Systems, Inc 
FB 11-224 Rental Car Canopy Alta Construction
FB 11-213 New/Unused Grader CESCO 
SFB 11-241 Homestead & Bob's Drive Sewer Cascade Pipeline Corp
SFB 11-233 Visa Interchange Alta Construction
SFB 11-242 Maple Grove Sewer Granite Excavation
SFB 11-248 Fire Hoses Santium Emergency Equipment
SFB 11-176 Airport Parking Garage Exterior Painting National Coatings, Inc
FB 11-228 New/Used Single Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor Roger’s Machinery Company
FB 11-230 Argon Gas Storage Tank  Praxair Distribution Inc.
 FB 11-238 Simulation Manikin and Accessories Laerdal Medical Corporation
 FB 11-231 Stewart Gulch Park Phase One Improvements KJ Corporation Inc 
 FB 11-236 Philips Heartstart Monitor and Accessories Philips Healthcare 
SRFP 11-192 Customer Queuing ACF Technologies 
RFP 11-219 Cost Recovery Services Fire Recovery USA
SFB 11-191 HVAC Change Out RM Mechanical, Inc. 
RFP 11-221 Homeless Family Services C.A.T.C.H.
SRFP 11-217 Property Appraisal Services  
SFB 11-220 West Biosolids Bunker Expansion Alta Construction, Inc
FB 11-204 Taxi Lanes Rehabilitation Knife River Corporation
SFB 11-229 Fence Panels Tomark Sports
SFB 11-223 Baggley Park Basketball Court Alta Construction, Inc
SFB 11-196 Parking Lot Repair Curtis Clean Sweep, Inc
SFB 11-208 Hill Road Sewer Rejected 
FB 11-200 Malad & Linda Vista Sewer Hi-Grade Underground, Inc
FB 11-206 Liquid Ferric Chloride Kemira Water Solutions, Inc
FB 11-188 New/Unused Sweeper Metroquip
RFP 11-190 CATCH Program Services Rejected
SFB 11-179 Fall Fertilizer Crop Production Services 
RFP 11-187 Design Review Guidelines  
SFB 11-189 Exterior Paint for Boise City Fire Stations Adame Construction
FB 11-165 Airport Way Rehabilitation C&A Paving
FB 11-173 N Cargo Apron Rehabilitation Central Paving Co
SRFP 11-129 E-Recruitment System NEOGOV
SFB 11-184 External Generators EC Power Systems
FB 11-183 Greenbelt Renovations C & A Paving
FB 11-174 Gowen Field Sewer Main Line Gulley Excavation
FB 11-156 Human Resources Remodel KMO, Inc
RFP 11-179 Passenger Bus  Bus Service Inc
FB 11-175 Somerset Park Development Daystar Excavation Inc
SFB 11-180 Fire Stations Flooring Replacement CFI Flooring Systems
SRFP 11-168 Video Production Services LunchLine Creative; SOVRN
RFP 11-162 Custom Harvesting Services Huey Farms
FB 11-147 Taxiway A & D Reconstruction Central Paving Company Inc
FB 11-167 Mtn View Park Renovations BriCon Inc
SFB 11-169 Bowden Park Well Stevens & Sons Well Drilling Inc
FB 11-132 Street Reconstruction Central Paving Company Inc 
SFB 11-155 Siding Replacement & Exterior Paint Campbell's Siding & Windows
FB 11-151 Apollo Street and Lockheed Lane Rehabilitation Knife River Corp
SFB 11-161 Gumwood Drive Sewer Granite Excavation 
SFB 11-159 Mesa Sewer Rehabilitation Project Titan Technologies 
FB 11-164 SCBA Bottles with NYG Valves Municipal Emergency Services Inc
SFB 11-158 Baja Way Sewer Cascade Pipeline
SFB 11-157 Sports Courts Renovations Excelsior Construction Inc
RFP 11-148 Blood Draw Services 24/7 Professional Solutions
FB 11-153 Disc/Ripper Tillage System Rejected
RFP 11-149 Roll Up Door Maintenance Crawford Door Sales of Idaho, Inc
SRFP 11-150 Parks and Recreation Activity Software Vermont Systems
FB 11-139 Geothermal Pipeline Extension to BSU Titan Technologies, Inc
SFB 11-138 Airport Temporary Walkway ReRoof Madison Roofing
FB 11-137 New/Unused Loader/Backhoe Cesco Inc
SRFP 11-135 Airport Landscape Maintenance Avalon Landscape Inc
SRFP 11-116 Linen District Public Art Michael Brown & David Cole 
SFB 11-134 Aeration Basin Drain Pump  Star Construction
FB 11-130 Gateway Landscape Project  Alta Construction Inc
FB 11-124 City Hall Construction Management Services  CM Company
FB 11-119 Secondary Clarifier Mechanisms  WesTech Engineering
FB 11-114 Fairmont Tennis Court Renovation  The Tennis and Track Company
FB 11-100 Summerset and Seneca Sewer Extension Granite Excavation Inc
SFB 11-110 Carpet Tile Replacement Designer Floors
FB 11-112 Protective Clothing Municipal Emergency Services.
FB 11-108 WWTF ReRoof and Paint KMO, Inc
FB 11-106 Geothermal Extension Pipe Procurement Thermal Pipe Systems
RFP 11-096 Preferred Medical Provider  St. Lukes, St. Alphonsus
SFB 11-113 Maple Grove Sewer T.A. Dibble Excavation
FB 11-105 Greenbelt Repairs 2011 Asphalt Driveways & Patching, Inc
SFB 11-103 Fire Station 6 ReRoof Architectural Metalworks
FB 11-095 New Unused Boom Truck Rush Truck Centers
FB 11-101 Roller Harrow(Ground Hog) Campbell Tractor
FB 11-104 Tractor Schlofman Tractor & Implement Co.
FB 11-094 Utility Vehicles Campbell Tractor
DB 11-080 Enhanced CCTV ID Consulting Solutions
FB 11-089 Data911 Computer Systems Hubb Systems
FB 11-068 2011 Sewer Main Line Replacement Titan Technologies
FB 11-090 Platt Gardens Pond Renovation Excelsior Construction Co.
FB 11-081 EMS Supplies  Henry Schein
RFP 11-066 Call to Artists Mark Baltes, Dwaine Carver, Sue Latta, Stephanie Inman, Studio Maelstrom, and Sector Seventeen.
FB 11-085 Police Motorcycles Beaudry Motorsports Inc
SFB 11-079 Library Flooring Highmark Capital LLC dba Office Environment Company
RFP 11-075 Park Landscape Maintenance Stark Sprinkler & Landscape, Metcalf Landscaping, and Lawn Co
RFP 11-073 Misc GIS Services  A. POWER Engineers B.Woolpert Inc
FB 11-072 UVD Disinfection Equipment ITT Water & Wastewater USA, Inc
SFB 11-071 Concourse 'B' Signage Lytle Signs Inc.
FB 11-074 Digital Voice Recorders Versatile Information products Inc
FB 11-024 Harris Ranch Fire Station #15 Alta Construction, Inc
RFP 11-065 Custodial Services Clearview Cleaning Service
SFB 11-070 Golf Cart RMT Equipment
FB 11-069 New/Unused 4X4 Baler Schlofman Tractor & Implement Co., Inc
FB 11-067 Zoo Boise Iron Work  CSDI Construction Inc.
FB 11-061 Bienapfl/Scorpio Sewer  Knife River
FB 11-033 Coleen & Kimball Sewer Extension  Granite Construction
FB 11-057 Iceworld Chiller System American Chiller Service
FB 11-058 Annual Irrigation Supply Pipeco
FB 11-056 Misc. Security System Maintenance IDCS
FB 11-050 Julia Davis Restroom BriCon Construction
SRFP 11-051 Used Dump Truck Dan Wiebold Ford
FB 11-045 HydroTube Repair KMO Inc.
FB 11-034 Accessibility Upgrade Wright Brothers
SFB 11-044 Borah Community Garden Clearwater Landscape
RFP 11-030 Nuisance Abatement Magnum Contractors & Falcon Property
SRFP 11-025 Five Year Plan BBC Research
SRFP 11-020 Indirect Cost Allocation Canceled
SRFP 11-026 Kinetic Wind Sculpture ShortList=Taradash/Troy Pillow & Landmark
FB 11-023 Airport Area 1 Landscape Alta Construction 
SRFP 11-018 All Hazard Mgmt Training Classes Wiland Associates
RFP 11-005 Off the Lot Used Vehicles No Bids Received
SFB 11-015 Puerta Court Sewer Rencor Inc.
SRFP 11-011 State Government Relations Services No Bids Received
RFP 11-008 Federal Government Relations Services Ball Janik
SRFP 11-004 Portable Fire Extinguisher Service Simplex Grinnell
FB 11-001 Overhead Street Light LED Conversion Alloway Electric