2012 Closed and Awarded Bids

Bid # Bid Title Award
SFB 12-252 Physical Fitness Equipment Reject All Bids
FB 12-247 Road Upgrades 20 Mile South Farm C & A Paving
FB 12-238 GA Apron Rehabilitation 2012 McAlvain Construction
SFB 12-248 Main Library HVAC Replacement ACCO Engineered Systems
RFP 12-239 Construction Services Reject All Bids
SFB 12-249 Highlander Road Sewer Titanium Excavation
FB 12-246 New Regan Ave Sewer Lift Station Reject All Bids
FB 12-236 West Biosolids Bunker Expansion Alta Construction Inc
FB 12-234 Peppermint Park Playground & Basketball Court Daystar Excavation
FB 12-240 Ferric Chloride Liquid Solution Kemira Water Solutions Inc
FB 12-241 Concentrated Caustic Soda Solution Reject All Bids
FB 12-237 Sewer Main Line Replacement Small Diameter Cascade Pipeline Corp
SFB 12-232 Molenaar Community Park Well Installation Stevens & Sons Well Drilling Inc.
SRFP 12-233 Miscellaneous Airport Security System Maintenance Service All Proposals Rejected
SFB 12-222 Idaho IceWorld Lighting Project No Bids Received
SFB 12-235 Stewart Gulch Shelter Haemker Construction Inc
SFB 12-224 City Hall DDC (HCAV) Upgrades Reject All Bids
FB 12-219 Seed, Fertilizer, Chemicals and Application Services Landview Inc and Valley Agronomics LLC
RFP 12-221 Well Drilling & Water Resource Engineering Services GS1 Water Solutions Inc (A) & SPF Water Engineering LLC (B)
FB 12-213 West Boise WWTF Greenbelt Extension Titanium Excavation
FB 12-214 Fall Fertilizer, Parks and Recreation Wilbur-Ellis Company
FB 12-220 CFME Equipment Aviation Department American Safety Technologies LLC
SFB 12-209 Borah Shelter Installation Diversified Enterprises LLC
FB 12-206 Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite BHS Marketing LLC
SFB 12-211 Truck Crane & Fuel Tanks Canyon Truck Uplifters
SFB 12-201 North Fuel Farm Pad Rehabilitation McAlvain Construction Inc
RFP 12-130 Commercial Real Estate Services Multiple
FB 12-190 Runway 10R-28L Rehabilitation Knife River Corp - Northwest
SFB 12-197 Lander Street Aeration Basin Valve Replacement Performance Systems Inc
SFB 12-207 Sewer Repairs Indian Lakes Subdivision Cascade Pipeline Corp
FB 12-204 Disc Ripper Campbell Tractor Co
FB 12-203 Reservoir Tillage System Dammer Diker Campbell Tractor Co
SRFQ 12-198 Pre Qualify RFDP Contractors  
SFB 12-199 Milwaukee Park Pressurized Irrigation Improvements Franz Witte Landscape Contracting
RFP 12-196 Technical Infrastructure Services Precision Communications
SFB 12-192 Main Library Furniture Business Interiors of Idaho
SFB 12-188 Hobble Creek Shelter Installation Haemker Construction
RFP 12-193 Activity Guide Production, Printing & Distribution Idaho Statesman
SFB 12-189 Thayen Place Sewer Titan Technologies 
FB 12-172 Scheduled Hydrant Replacement Owyhee Construction
RFQ 12-194 Rescue Dive Boat Canyon Marine Approved
SFB 12-180 Phillippi Basketball Court Renovation Hawkeye Builders Inc.
RFP 12-168 Wellness Services Simply Well
SFB 12-173 2012 Sewer Mainline Rehabilitation Pipeline Inspection Services
FB 12-161 Ed Stimpson Way & MacArthur St Reconstruction Nampa Paving & Asphalt Co
SFB 12-162 Boise Airport 3rd Runway Slurry Seal Intermountain Slurry Seal
SFB 12-170 Replacement Filter Tank System Nemato Corp.
FB 12-160 Main Library Cooling Tower Replacement RM Mechanical
FB 12-163 Fire Hose Municipal Emergency Services
SFB 12-149 2012 Root Control Project Pipeline Inspection Services
SFB 12-151 WWTF Tin Shed Awning Excelsior Construction
RFP 12-140 Airport Security Services G2 Secure Staff, LLC
SRFP 12-144 Agenda Minute Builder  
SFB 12-150 Melody Street Sewer Know How Construction
SFB 12-156 DK Donuts Sewer Replacement Know How Construction
SFB 12-145 Swimming Pool Renovations Pristine Pool & Spa
SFB 12-155 Swimming Pool Deck Repair Excelsior Construction
SFB 12-154 Swimming Pool Filter Tank Replacement No Award, Canceled
FB 12-138 Biosolids Trailer Trinity Trailer Manufacturing
RFP 12-131 Financial Services LeighFisher, Inc.
FB 12-127 Fire Station #1 Remodel Golis Construction
SFB 12-139 Mercury Analyzer Brooke Rand Labs
SRFP 12-135 First Aid Stevens-Henager College
SFB 12-117 Fire Station #9 Parking Lot Renovations Hawkeye Builders
RFP 12-126 Residential Real Estate Services (A) HumeHomes/Atova
(B) Front Street Brokers
(C) ERA West Wind
FB 12-125 Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service Courtney's Comet Cleaners
SFB 12-133 Interior Renovations Straight-Line Building
FB 12-122 Julia Davis Pond Dredge AWS Dredge
FB 12-129 Stardust and Appaloosa Sewer Extension Stephenson Construction
SFB 12-115 Comba Community Garden C&A Paving
FB 12-121 Used Golf Carts Highland Golf of Boise
SRFP 12-106 Thermal Bed Bug Control Services Orkin
FB 12-120 Tennis Court Renovations 2012 The Tennis Company
FB 12-118 Cooling Tower Norbryhn Equipment Company 
RFP 12-119 Passenger Bus Bus Service Inc.
SRFP 12-110 Professional Asbestos Inspection and Consulting PBS Engineering
SFB 12-109 Public Safety/Trust Fund Street Lights Quality Electric Inc
RFP 12-112 Airport Landscape Senske & O'Kelly
RFP 12-104 Custodial Services Clearview Cleaning
SFB 12-111 Condensing Water Pipe Repair Paige Mechanical Group
FB 12-105 Greenbelt Renovation Guho Corporation
FB 12-103 Terry Day Park Diamond Contractors
SFB 12-107 Well Installation at Firearms Training Range Adamson Pump and Drilling 
SRFP 12-096 City Hall Sign Package Sue A Cook Design, Inc
RFP 12-088 WET Testing AECOM
RFP 12-093 Structural Plan Check Services A) CH@M Hill
B) Stapley Engineering
C) AHJ Engineers PC
RFP 12-102 Professional Recruiting Services Reject All Bids
SFB 12-108 Hydronic Glycol Univar
SFB 12-101 Jetway 16 PLC Conversion Kit JBT Aerotech
SFB 12-095 Nottingham Park Haemker Construction Inc
SFB 12-091 Construction Field Service Crane Body Utility Trailer Sales of Idaho
RFP 12-086 2012 Digester Cleaning Golden Enviro LLC
FB 12-089 Resseguie & 5th Sewer Cascade Pipeline Corp.
SFB 12-075 Gate 30 Relocation Hellman Construction
SFB 12-081 Glenbrook Sewer Cascade Pipeline Corp
SFB 12-087 Airport Way Sewer Open Cut Repair Granite Excavation 
RFP 12-084 City Wide Printing, Copying, Scanning & Faxing Assessment Optimizon
RFQ 12-083 Pond Dredging Various
SRFP 12-082 Property Valuation Services Valuations Northwest
SFB 12-085 Used Golf Carts Reject All Bids 
FB 12-074 Glenwood Trunk Sewer Granite Excavation Inc 
SRFP 12-079 Media Buying Services Communications Et Al
FB 12-077 Misc. Electrical Services Quality Electric 
SFB 12-065 Slurry Seal Intermountain Slurry Seal
SFB 12-023 Willandra Storage Tank Stephenson Construction
FB 12-080 Used Cisco Equipment Maximum Midrange Computer Specialist 
RFQ 12-069 Tennis Courts The Tennis & Track Company
FB 12-076 New/Unused Factory Police Motorcycles Reject All Bids
FB 12-061 Lander Street Compliance JC Constructors, Inc
SFB 12-060 Garfield Sewer Extension T.A. Dibble Excavation, Inc
SFB 12-048 Consession Tenant Improvements Adame Construction
FB 12-054 Irrigation Supply Purchase John Deere Landscape
FB 12-057 New/Unused SCBA Bottles with NXG Valves MES Inc
SFB 12-053 Interior Renovation 2244 Sunrise Adame Construction, Inc
FB 12-049 Fencing Material TMT 1 Time Fence Supply
FB 12-045 Bulk Dry Polymer Polydyne Inc
FB 12-052 2012 CNG Fueled HD Truck & Van Body Kenworth Sales
RFP 12-043 Boise Airport Parking Garage Expansion Design Service Hummel Architects
FB 12-015-20 City Hall Code Upgrade SBI Contractin, Inc
FB 12-015-19 City Hall Code Upgrade Doherty Electric, Inc
FB 12-015-18 City Hall Code Upgrade Hobson Fabricating
FB 12-015-17 City Hall Code Upgrade Phoenix Fire Protection
FB 12-015-16 City Hall Code Upgrade All Colors, Inc
FB 12-015-15 City Hall Code Upgrade Contract Floors, Inc
FB 12-015-14 City Hall Code Upgrade Creechley Tile & marble Compay
FB 12-015-13 City Hall Code Upgrade Interior Systems, Inc
FB 12-015-12 City Hall Code Upgrade Custom Glass, Inc
FB 12-015-11 City Hall Code Upgrade Crawford Door Sales of Idaho
FB 12-015-10 City Hall Code Upgrade The Masonry Center
FB 12-015-09 City Hall Code Upgrade Kilgore Architectural Products
FB 12-015-08 City Hall Code Upgrade Upson Company
FB 12-015-07 City Hall Code Upgrade Joslin Millwork
FB 12-015-06 City Hall Code Upgrade R & L Framing
FB 12-015-05 City Hall Code Upgrade Hobson Fabricating
FB 12-015-04 City Hall Code Upgrade Mountain Steel
FB 12-015-03 City Hall Code Upgrade RSCI
FB 12-015-02 City Hall Code Upgrade RSCI
FB 12-015-01 City Hall Code Upgrade Intermountain Construction & Abatement
FB 12-027 Sludge Pumps C.H. Spencer & Co
FB 12-026 Post Aeration Blowers (2) Universal Blower PAC
FB 12-021 Headworks Improvement & Secondary Clarifier RSCI
FB 12-033 Ferrous Chloride Liquid Solution Univar USA Inc
FB 12-029 Liquid Runway Deice/Anti-icing Fluid Cryotech Deicing Technology
SFB 12-020 Americana Sewage Bypass Pumping Plan Cascade Pipeline
SFB 12-034 Fire Fighting Chemicals Fireman's Supply, Inc
SFB 12-016 Hillcrest Library Restroom Addition Gafford Construction Inc
SFB 12-013 Hill Road Sewer Granite Excavation, Inc
SFB 12-003 Concealed Body Armor, Safariland The Cop Shop
FB 12-028 Solid Runway Deicer/Anti-icer LNT Solutions