2015 Closed and Awarded Bids

Bid #

Bid Title


IFB 15-304 Air Distribution System Replacement Dales Service, Inc.
SFB 15-309 Interior Renovation Reject All Bids
FB 15-226 Thickening Polymer Polydyne, Inc.
SFB 15-297 West Boise Wastewater Treatment Facility– Onsite Road Improvements Precision Grading & Excavation
SFB 15-293 Purchase & Install Flow Meters .
SFB15-294 High Roof Cargo Van Mountain Home Auto Ranch
FB 15-284 Main Library Parking Lot Improvements Excelsior Construction, Co.
SFB 15-285 Main Library Window Renovations Excelsior Construction, Co.
FB 15-278 Magnolia Park Diamond Contractors, LLC
SRFP 15-282  Library Scanning Kiosk .
FB 15-251 Old FAA Tower Site  Excelsior Construction Company
FB 15-261 Lander Street Wastewater Treatment Plant Sewer Trunk Reroute (RSP238) Alta Construction, Inc.
RFQ 15-263 Artist Design Services for 4 Fire Stations Byron Folwell and the team of Ken McCall, Mark Baltes, and Leslie Dixon
RFQ 15-265 Rhodes Park Call for Artists Anna Webb, Perri Howard, Reham Aarti, Sector Seventeen, Stephanie Inman, Trademark
RFP 15-266 Nuisance Abatement ATD Lawn Services, K+J Property Improvements LLC, Shamrock Construction & Excavation LLC
IFB 15-269 Overhead Door Replacement Crawford Door Sales of Idaho
DB 15-241 O'Farrell Cabin Heritage Preservation Resources, Inc.
DB 15-245 Idaho Ice World Sound System Neurilink Connected
RFP 15-255 Community Engagement & Creative Services Sovrn Creative
FB 15-257 Fall Fertilizer Land View, Inc.
RFI 15-244 COB Police Radio .
SFB 15-249 Hill Road Sewer Extension Titan Technologies, Inc.
SFB 15-248 Horizontal Recessed Impeller Pumps (3) R.C. Worst & Company, Inc.
RFP 15-243 Towing & Impound Cancelled
FB 15-242 Utility Vehicles RMT
SFB 15-250 Wetwell and Screen Channel Cleaning Pipeline Inspection Services
FB 15-236 CCTV of Exixting Small & Large Diameter Sewer Pipe Pipeline Inspection Services
RFP 15-233 Nuisance Abatement Reject All Bids
FB 15-239 Kimball Street Sewer Cascade Pipeline Corp.
RFP 15-238 Misc Environmental Analytical lab Services .
DB 15-198 Airport Security System Update Guho Corp
RFP 15-195 Survey Services Short List: Clearwater, National, NW Research
FB 15-196  Molenaar Park Knife River Corporation
RFP 15-219 Project Management Software Cancelled
RFP 15-211 Opening Day Collection Ingram Library Services
SFB 15-231 Magonlia Park Irrigation Well Stevens & Son Well Drilling Inc.
SRFP 15-232 Social Media Monitoring Tool Snaptrends
FB 15-178 ILS Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
RFP 15-213 Wastewater Facilities Planning and Engineering Services Brown & Caldwell
RFQ 15-214 Art Design Services at Bown Library! Janet Zweig
SFB 15-224 Mid Sized Electric Utility Vehicles Carl's Cycle Sales
RFP 15-202 Facilitation Services Agnew::Beck, Galena Consulting, The Langdon Group
FB 15-189  Airport Snow Removal M-B Companies, Inc.
RFP 15-193  5 Year Plan Community Strategies Institute
FB 15-197 Soccer Fields 3 & 4 Precision Grading and Excavation
FB 15-131 Commercial Chassis Pumper Tender Cancelled

FB 15-170

Heavy Brush Type 4 Fire Apparatus

Boise Mobile Equipment

IFB 15-208

Hot Springs Trail

Singletrack Trails, Inc.

RFP 15-199

Fridge Repair II

ACCO Engineered Systems

RFP 15-195

City Wide Survey Services

National Research Center, Northwest Research Group LLC, Clearwater Research Inc.

SFB 15-201

Kathryn Albertson Park Entry Kiosk

Excelsior Construction Company

IFB 15-209

620 S Americana Sewer Replacement

Titan Technologies, Inc.

RFP 15-194

Branding & Messaging Services

Oliver Russell & Associates, LLC.

SFB 15-187

W. Circle Way Sewer Extension

Titan Technologies Inc.

 SFB 15-181

 Boise Collister Neighborhood Library Study Rooms Remodel

 Excelsior Construction Company

 FB 15-158

 Terry Day Park Playground

 Wright Brothers, The Construction Company

 RFP 15-168

 Fabrication of Traffice of Traffic Box Art Wraps

Trademark Sign Company

 FB 15-167

 Library Device Kiosk

Java Connections

 RFP 15-176

Custom Harvesting

Pancheria Land & Livestock LLC

RFP 15-164

Digester/Dewatering Engineering Services

HDR Engineering Inc

IFB 15-172

Signs Project

Signs 2 U

SFB 15-154

C-Concourse FCU Improvements

 TVR, Inc.

SFB 15-165

Root Control Program (PWE-693)

 Pipeline Inspection Services

RFP 15-160

Energy Use and Reduction Services

CTA Architects Engineers

RFP 15-156

City Wide Fuel

 Stinker Stores and Jackson's Food Stores

 SFB 15-117

Pre-Qualified Trails Maintenance

Singletrack Trails Inc.

 FB 15-144

Overhead Lighting Replacement w/LED Lights

Alloway Electric Company, Inc.

 FB 15-126

Taxiway B Extension 

Knife River Corporation - Northwest

 RFQ 15-147

Bown Crossing Library CM/GC Services

CM Company

 SFB 15-118

Trail Maintenance

YRU Contracting Inc.

 RFP 15-134

Insurance Brokerage

Moreton and Company

 RFQ 15-142

Call For Artists Boise Watershed Campus Project

Studio Maelstrom, Michael Anderson, Stephanie Inman, Reham Aarti, Matt Grover, Leslie Dixon, Pat Kilby, Ken McCall

 FB 15-146

Aqueous Ammonia

Landview, Inc.

 FB 15-102

United Water Certified Emergency Fire Hydrant Repair & Replacement Service

Owyhee Construction, Inc.

RFP 15-139 

Promotional Services & Materials

PromoShop Inc.

 RFQ 15-128

Artist Design Services for an Outdoor Amphitheater

Dan Snow Stoneworks LLC.

 RFQ 15-117

RFQ For Professional, Experienced Trail Builders

Singletrack Trails Inc & YRU Contracting Inc

 FB 15-119

Demeyer Park Path

 Clearwater Landscape & Irrigation LLC

 SFB 15-136

Fire Station #1 Site Improvements (PWE744)

 Gafford Construction, Inc.

 IFB 15-125

Medical Equipment, Zoo Boise

Butler Animal Health

 FB 15-115

Quail Hollow Golf Course Banquest Room Remodel

 Cook Brothers Construction, Inc.

SRFQ 15-118

Trail Maintenance

YRU Contracting, Inc.

RFQ 15-127

Building & System Commissioning Services

A) Ro-Bar Technical Services: B) HDR Architecture, Inc

SFB 15-121

Boise Airport TI-HVAC/Deleware North

TVR, Inc.

SFB 15-122

Landscape Chemicals

 Crop Production Services

SRFP 15-112

HCD Seasonal Landscaping

Total Maintenance Solutions

RFP 15-109

Boise's Transportation Action Plan

Gehl Studio

 RFQ 15-098

 Boise Watershed River Campus CM/GC Services

The Russell Corporation

FB 15-101

New/Unused Fire Hose

L.N. Curtis & Sons

FB 15-105

Airport MotoTRBO Portable Radios

Intermountain Communications

 FB 15-103

(RSP 218) Small Diameter Sewer Main Line Replacement

Titan Technologies Inc

 RFP 15-099

Media Buying & Creative Development

Rizen Creative

 RFP 15-088

Landscape Maintenance

 A) Ironcreek LLC; B) Stark Sprinkler & Landscape; C) Sunshine Landscape Inc.

 FB 15-058

Tennis Court Construction

Wright Brothers

 FB 15-091

Borah Pool UV System

Knorr Systems Inc

 RFQ 15-062

Fire Facilities CM/GC Services


 RFP 15-061

Fire Training Facility Architectural Services


 SFB 15-080

Borah Pool Filter Replacement

Knorr Systems

 RFP 15-060

Fire Station Architectural Services

Cole Architects/TCA Architecture

SFB 15-066

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Oxarc, Inc.

 IFB 15-072

Zoo Boise Signage & Giraffe Slide Repair

Rejected All Bids. 

 RFQ 15-058

Tennis Court Construction

Hellas Construction, Tennis & Track Co., Wright Brothers

 RFP 15-043

Lockbox, Payment & Billing Services

Retail Lockbox, Inc.

 IFB 15-065

Maintenance Department Move - Zoo

Alta Construction

RFP 15-052

Land Planning & Design

ZGF, Makers, McKibben+Cooper, MIG, GGLO, and Agnew::Beck

FB 15-055

Annual Irrigation Supply

H.D. Fowler Company

RFP 15-041

Workplace Strategic Planning Services


FB 15-048

Snow & Ice Removal Services

Stark Sprinkler & Landscape

RFQ 15-032

TMSF Office & Maintenance Building CM/GC Services

McAlvain Construction, Inc.

FB 15-039

General Radio System

White Cloud Communications

SRFP 15-037

Military Strategy Consultant

Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

SRFP 15-038

Forest Management Plan

Ecosystem Sciences

IRFP 15-030

Beaver Control Services

George's Trapping Service

DB 15-010

Idaho Ice World Subsoil Supply and Return Repairs


FB 15-011

United Water Certified Scheduled Hydrant Replacement

Owyhee Construction Inc

FB 15-009

Esther Simplot Park Asbestos and Building Removal

Ideal Demolition Services