2016 Closed and Awarded Bids

 Bid #

Bid Title


SFB 16-331

Veterans Memorial Park Path and Parking Renovations Pavement Specialties of Idaho Inc

FB 16-319

Camels Back Chute Stabilization

Winspear Construction LLC

RFP 16-301

Parks and Rec Software

Reject All

SFB 16-317 

Windows Replacement City Hall

Commercial Glass Inc.

FB 16-323

City Hall Electric Services Upgrade

Reject All

RFP 16-309

Lander Improvements Engineering Services


FB 16-321

Automatic Sliding Entrance Door Replacement

Boise River Door & Glass

FB 16-308

Parking Lot Development

Diamond Contractors LLC

FB 16-316

Julia Davis Park- 3rd St. Demo and Green Up

Diamond Contractors LLC

FB 16-307

Castle Hills Playground

Reject All

FB 16-313

Lander Admin Building Re-roof

Cano Roofing Inc. dba Signature Roofing

FB 16-312

Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite

BHS Specialty Chemical Products

FB 16-314

Fencing Material

Reject All

FB 16-299

13th Street Pub Kitchen Floor Leak Repair

Beal Corporation

RFP 16-297

ECM Analysis & Consulting Services

Reject All

RFP 16-300

Airport Security

G2 Secure Staff LLC

RFP 16-275


Reject All

RFP 16-302

Mobile Parking Payments

Parkmobile LLC

SFB 16-298

New/Unused Portable Generator

Lightening Power (LPEII)

RFP 16-305

New or Slightly Used 20-30 Passenger Bus

Creative Bus Sales

SFB 16-296

Pool Chemicals

Oxarc Inc

FB 16-268

Parking Lots

Pavement Specialties of Idaho

FB 16-282

Parks Picnic Shelters 

Excelsior Construction Company

RFP 16-284

Travel Agency Services

Global Travel

RFP 16-287

Fire Station Architectural Services 

Hummel Architect

SFB 16-291

Fire Station Overhead Door Replacement

Overhead Door Company of SWI

FB 16-293

New/ Unused Disc Tandem Model

Campbell Tractor and Implement

RFP 16-274

Spaulding Ranch


FB 16-285

Utility Maintenance Garage Expansion

Gafford Construction Inc

FB 16-288

Fall Fertilizer

Wilbur-Ellis Company

FB 16-281

CCTV Sanitary Sewer Pipe of Varying Sizes (2016)

Pipeline Inspection Services Inc

SFB 16-249 

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Jim Buffington

RFP 16-276

Equipment Rental

(A) Coastline Equipment Co., (B) United Rentals, Inc., (C) Tates Rents, Inc.

SFB 16-278

New Unused Land Roller

Agri-Services LLC

FB 16-262

New Unused BMW Factory Police Motorcycles

Big Twin BMW

RFP 16-263

Live Fire Training Systems

Fireblast Global

FB 16-261

New/ Unused Golf Carts

Highland Golf of Boise

FB 16-273

Netherland, Middleburg, Hollandale and Millway Sewer- revised

Milestone Construction Group LLC

SFB 16-259

New/Unused 6000 LB Forklift

Dillon Toyota-Lift

FB 16-239

WBWTF Fermenter Improvement Project

Record Steel and Construction Inc

IRFP 16-251

Researcher for President Franklin Roosevelt's Boise Visit

Jim Duran

IRFP 16-250

Researcher for History of Barber

TAG Historical Research & Consulting abn The Arrowrock Group, Inc.

RFP 16-238

Chipper Services

Forest Management, Inc.

IRFP 16-241

Golf Cart Maintenance

Stan's Golf Cars and Highland Golf Carts

SFB 16-218 Industrial Self-Priming Trash Pump System Ambiente H20, Inc.
RFP 16-199 Property Management Software Reject All
SFB 16-237 RFID Shelf Readers Reject All Bids
FB 16-236 15th and 16th Street Improvements Wright Brothers
CMGC 16-132 James Castle  Guho Corp
SFB 16-228 Equipment Trailers with Tilt Deck Kraftsman, Inc.
FB 16-209 N. GA Rehab BOI C & A Paving Company Inc
RFP 16-154 Permitting & Licensing Software Request for Qualification Acella Inc
SFB 16-221 West Boise Wastewater Treatment Facility–Central Lab Parking Lot Improvement Capital Paving Company
SFB 16-189 Downtown Implementation Small Diameter Rehabilitation Titan Technologies Inc
IFB 16-213 Manhole Infiltration Rehabilitation Services Pipeline Inspection Services
SFB 16-208 Terry Day Park Paths Bricon Inc
SRFQ 16-217 Pre-Qualification for Professional Experienced Trail Builders YRU Contracting Inc
RFQ 16-221 Call for Copy Writers Reject All
FB 16-207 Beacon Street Trunk Knife River Corp
FB 16-204 Dixie Drain Chemicals Kamira
RFQ 16-204 Pre-Qualifications for Dixie Drain Chemicals .
SRFP 16-187 Phlebotomy Services 24/7 Professional Solutions
FB 16-188 Small Diameter Sewer Replacement Project Titan Technologies Inc
SRFP 16-194 Mortgage Compliance Management Services 1st Choice Mortgage LLC
RFP 16-192 Media Buying Services Rizen Creative
FB 16-144 Boise Hills Post Tension Basketball & Tennis Court Installation The Tennis and Track Company
RFP 16-122 Lawson Prequalification Upgrade A) Ciber  B) Bails & Associates
RFP 16-161 Airport Security Services AlliedBarton Security Services
SRFP 16-178 Online Tool for Business Licensing & Development Applications Open Counter Enterprises, Inc.
SFB 16-160 Root Control Program Pipeline Inspection Services
SFB 16-158 Julia Davis River Node Excelsior Construction
FB 16-127 Dry Polymer Polydyne Inc.
IFB 16-169 Asphalt Patching R.L. Young Paving, Inc.
RFP 16-146 Preferred Medical Provider Emergency Responders Health Center, St. Alphonsus Medical Group, St. Luke's Health System
FB 16-163 Magnesium Chloride Envirotech Services Inc
SFB 16-164 Swimming Pool UV Disinfection Unit Knorr Systems Inc
FB 16-150 New/Unused Utility Vehicles RMT Equipment
SFB 16-157 Fiberglass Tank Midwestern Fabricators
RFQ 16-154 Pre-Qualification Permitting & Licensing Software Acella Inc and Infor
RFP 16-147 Misc GIS Services Power Engineers
IFB 16-143 Mesh Roof on Red Panda Exhibit Zoo Boise Triple G Construction
IFB 16-137 Fence Repair and Replacement Zoo Boise Quality Contractors, LLC
SFB 16-151 Screw Centrifugal Pumps (3) Hayward Gordon ULC
SFB 16-134 RFID Self-Check Upgrades Minitex
FB 16-133 RFID Security Gates Minitex
IFB 16-148 Pre-Qualification Recycle Boardwalk Quality Contractors, LLC
RFQ 16-144 Pre-Qualification Post Tension Tennis Courts Parkin Tennis Courts, Tennis & Track Co, and Wright Bros
RFP 16-120 Structural Plan Check Services CH2M Hill, AHJ Engineers, Stapley Engineering, KPFF Consulting Engineers
FB 16-111 Concourse B Extension Reroof Nations Roof Mountain LLC
SRFP 16-124 Ann Morrison Park Master Plan Update GGLO LLC.

IFB 16-131

Zoo Misc Asphalt Repairs

Capital Paving Co., Inc.

SFB 16-135

Airport Window Washing Services

American Cleaning Service Company

RFQ 16-122

Lawson Upgrade II

Bails & Associates, Ciber, Infor and RPI

SFB 16-123

New/Unused Truck Service Bodies

Utility Truck Equipment

RFP 16-119

Fitness Equipment

Boise Fitness Equipment

FB 16-121

City Hall Remodel of Boise City Utility Billing

Straight-Line Building Solutions, LLC.

FB 16-118

Overhead Street Light Replacement 2016

Power Plus, Inc.

SFB 16-117

Ferrous Chloride Liquid Solution

Kemira Water Solutions

RFQ 16-116

Signs for Broadway Bridge

Trademark Sign Company

FB 16-110

Greenbelt 2016

Clearwater Landscape & Irrigation

FB 16-100

VALE Infrastructure & Engergy Efficient Ground Support Equipment

Knife River Corporation-Northwest

FB 16-031

BOI Main Terminal Power Redundancy

Quality Electric, Inc.

RFP 16-114

BOI 5 year Engineering Services

Project List A: AECOM and RS&H

Project List B: T-O Engineers

SRFP 16-113

Thermal Bed Bug Control Services

Sawyer Inc. dba Orkin Idaho

FB 16-101


BayScan Technologies

FB 16-108

New/Unused SCBA Tanks

Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.

DB 16-091

Zoo Boise Giraffe Slide

Great Western Park & Playground

SFB 16-097

Scoreboard Replacement

Pacific Source Electric

FB 16-090

RFID Workstation Pads


RFQ 16-093

Financial Advisory Services

The PFM Group, Piper Jaffray & Company, Zion's Public Finance, Frasca & Associates LLC, JNA Consulting Group LLC.

FB 16-096

Platt Gardens Site Improvements

Western Idaho Construction

IFB 16-095

Vista Ave Maintenance Shop Mezzanine

Triple G Construction Inc

FB 16-088

Annual Irrigation Supplies

SiteOne Landscape Supply

IFB 16-083

Art Install

Diamond Contractors, LLC

FB 16-086

West Access Gate WBWTF

Anvil Fence Company

RFP 16-082

BOI Master Plan Update

Ricondo & Associates Inc

FB 16-079

Terrazzo Artwork Restoration

The Ewing Company, Inc.

FB 16-067

Protective Clothing

Reject All Bids

RFP 16-085

 Lawson Upgrade


FB 16-069

Boise Hills Neighborhood Park Greenup

Western Idaho Construction & Landscape

SFB 16-081

 Capitol Blvd and Broadway Alley Sewer Rehabilitation

Titan Technologies Inc

RFP 16-052

Physical Health Management Services

Emergency Responders Health Center

FB 16-074

Fire Station #10 Tenant Improvements

Straight-Line Building Solutions, Inc.

RFP 16-070

Traffic Box Art Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance Services

Trademark Sign Company, TrafficWrapz dba VSP Marketing Graphic Group, Signs 2 U.

FB 16-063

Make-Up Air Unit Replacement

ACCO Engineered Systems

RFQ 16-057

Valley Regional Transit Stairway Wall Public Art

Amy Cheng

SFB 16-064

Pool Chemicals

Oxarc, Inc.

SRFP 16-061

Production Model Printer

Valley Office Systems

SRFP 16-051

HCD Cusotdial Services

Above and Beyond Cleaning

SFB 16-054

Interior Renovation

Reject All Bids

IFB 16-045

Vista Avenue Maintenance Shop Mezzanine

Reject All Bids

IFB 16-032 Holden Lane Sewer Extension Titan Technologies, Inc.
IFB 16-029 Sewer Service Reroute to 1602 N. 12th Titan Technologies, Inc.
FB 16-019 Boise Airport Gate 21 Jetbridge Extension The Ewing Company, Inc.

FB 16-034

Street Light Maintenance Quality Electric, Inc.

RFP 16-006

Lander Street Digester Cleaning Golden Enviro LLC

FB 16-026

East Boeing Lane Sewer Paul Construction, Inc.