2018 Closed and Awarded Bids

Bid #

Bid Title (Tab Sheets)

Award (ITAs)

SFB 18-400 Fifteen New/Unused Newsstands Mechanism Exchange & Repair, Inc.
SFB 18-390 15th & State ROW Lawn Co.
SFB 18-387 4 New/Unused Dumping Flatbed Truck Bodies Utility Truck Equipment
SFB 18-357 Pioneer Cemetery and Julia Davis Path Development Diamond Contractors
SFB 18-379 City Hall Window Glazing Replacement Commercial Glass, Inc.
SFB 18-375 Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Tank Cascade Enterprises, Inc.
SFB 18-383 Misc. Concrete Replacement Diamond Contractors, LLC.
SFB 18-377 Facilities Office Remodel EKC, Inc.
FB 18-370 WB Struvite Catwalk & Shaker Platform Cascade Enterprises, Inc.
FB 18-376 WBWRF Interior Roadway Extension R. L. Young Paving, Inc.
SFB 18-380 Asbestos Concrete Pipe Removal Eagle Environmental Inc.
FB 18-355 Motorized Snow Brooms M-B Companies, Inc.
FB 18-347 Pre-Conditioned Air Units Cancelled
FB 18-353 Sunset Park Parking Lot Renovations American General Contractors Inc.
FB 18-351 Rehabilitate Taxiways M & F Knife River Corporation-Mountain West
SFB 18-359 Guardrail Upgrades 2717 S Vista Pacific Source Construction
RFP 18-358 Nuisance Abatement Multiple Vendors
SRFP 18-280        Plan for Boise's NW Neighborhood BDS Planning and Urban Design
RFP 18-324 Misc. Environmental Services Multiple Vendors
FB 18-317 35 kv Switchgear Replacement Anderson & Wood Construction Company, Inc.
SFB 18-319 Swimming Pool Chemicals, Bulk 2019 OXARC, Inc.
RFP 18-308 Custodial Services American Cleaning Service Company, Inc.
SFB 18-312 Fire Hose Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.
FB 18-306 Portable Submersible Pump Xylem Dewatering, Inc.
FB 18-300 Three New/Unused Truck Service Bodies Utility Truck Equipment
FB 18-304 Two New/Unused Passenger Shuttle Buses Davey Coach Sales
FB 18-297 West Boise Water Renewal Facilit Control Panel - Euipment Only Woodhawk Controls
RFP 18-293 Building and System Commissioning Services HDR Architecture, Inc., NWESI, SEEDidaho P.C.
RFP 18-276 Wellness Services Shortlist
SRFP 18-289 VRT Vinyl Window Treatment Signs2u
FB 18-270 20 Mile South Farm Well Pump Installation Reject All
DB 18-274 JD Bandshell Belfor Property Restoration
RFP 18-283 Custom Harvesting Huey Farms, Inc.
FB 18-282 WBWRF Switchgear - Equipment Only Rexel, Inc. dba Platt Electric Supply
RFP 18-244 CityWide Networked Printers, Services & Supplies Shortlist
FB 18-278 Geothermal Pipe, Fitting, & Related Items Thermal Pipe Systems, Inc.
RFP 18-226 Operation of Airport Parking System Republic Parking System, LLC
SFB 18-267 IIW Women's Locker Room Expansion Excelsior Construction Co.
FB 18-186 Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS) Rejected
SFB 18-256 Inflight Kitchen Building Re-Roof Project Pro Tech Roofing, Inc.
IFB 18-279 Slope Mowing Environmental Conservation Services Inc.
SFB 18-265 Adare Manor Pipe Rehabilitation Alta Construction, Inc.
FB 18-257 WBWRF Maintenance Building Dry Pipe Open Market
FB 18-263 Quail Hollow Golf Course - Paths Knife River
SFB 18-264 Broadway SPUI Landscape Re-Bid Avalon Landscapes, Inc.
SFB 18-261 Exterior Painting 2717 S Vista Cheyenne Corp., dba AAA Action Painting
FB 18-235 Julia Davis Restroom and Pavilion Rejected
FB 18-250 Fort St. & Robbins Rd. Geothermal Replacement Rejected
SFB 18-236 ALEB Electrical Power Upgrades Quality Electric, Inc.
SFB 18-214 Dixie Rake Installation RSCI
RFP 18-223 Security Services Allied Universal
SFB 18-260 HCD Vista - Light Fixtures Pacific Source Electric
SFB 18-255 HCD Vista - Appliances Haier US Appliance Solutions
SFB 18-206 Firehawk Drainage Pond Improvements Wetlands Northwest, LLC dba Western Idaho Construction & Landscape
RFP 18-220 West Boise Tertiary Treatment Engineering Services Carollo Engineers
FB 18-219 WBWRF Hot Water Boiler System (Equip Only) Cole Industrial
SFB 18-240 WBWRF Spiral Heat Exchanger (Equip Only) Gooch Thermal Systems, Inc.
FB 18-251 Apartment Unit Rehab - 2717 Vista Pacific Source Construction
FB 18-241 Overhead Street Light Replacement 2018 Alloway Electric Company
SFB 18-227 CCTV Sanitary Sewer Pipe of Varying Sizes Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc.
SFB 18-237 Alto Via Demolition Project #2 Ideal Demolition Services, LLC
FB 18-239  Pivot 231 and 331 Replacement Agri-Lines Irrigation, Inc.
SFB 18-233 Circulatory Pumps (2) Equipment Only Davidson Sales & Engineering
SFB 18-228 Broadway SPUI Landscape Rejected
SFB 18-208 Window Replacement - Boulevard Mo-tel Adame Construction Inc.
SFB 18-207 Exterior Painting - Boulevard Mo-tel Cheyenne Corporation dba. AAA Action Painting
SFB 18-217 One New Unused Material Handler Topdresser Turf Equipment and Irrigation
SRFP 18-225 Parks & Rec Activity Guide Idaho Statesman
SFB 18-215 Ustick Streetscape Phase 1 Lawn Co.
RFP 18-201 Misc. AV Services Compunet, Marshall and Neurilink
SFB 18-198 Sewer Siphon Cleaning and CCTV Pipeline Inspection Services
SFB 18-197 2018 Root Control Program Pipeline Inspection Services
SFB 18-199 Cecil D. Andrus Park Corridor Enhancement Boden Haus Landscape
SRFP 18-184 Fire Training Facility AV Equipment Neurilink
RFP 18-187 Recycle Bags Residential Delivery Services Impact Directories
FB 18-166 New Unused Factory Police Motorcycles Big Twin BMW
IRFP 18-132 Traffic Boxes: Call to Artists Various Artists
FB 18-178 New Unused Utility Vehicles RMT Equipment
SFB 18-179 Landscape Chemicals Crop Production Services
SFB 18-157 Airport Baggage Room High Speed Overhead Door Overhead Door Inc
IRFP 18-138 Friends of Zoo Boise Art Melissa Chambers
SFB 18-145 65 Passenger Conventional Bus Western Mountain Bus Sales
IRFP 18-133 Linen District: Call to Artists Jay Rasgorshek
RFP 18-153 Activity Guide Production, Printing & Distribution Reject All Bids
FB 18-151 Small Diameter Rehab/Warm Springs Mesa Titan Technologies Inc.
RFP 18-110 James Castle House Public Art Troy Passey
FB 18-072 West Boise Trunk Realignment Whitaker Construction Co., Inc.
FB 18-098 Cassia Tennis Courts Tennis and Track Company
FB 18-126 BOI - Auto Sliding Entrance Door Replacement Boise River Door & Glass
SFB 18-131 Natatorium Hydrotube Project Challenger Companies
DB 18-122 Zoo Boise Roofing Projects Modern Roofing
RFI 18-113 E-Procure to Pay Software Closed
RFP 18-118 Misc. Civil Engineering Services CH2M Jacobs, JUB Engineers, Inc., Keller Associates, Inc.
FB 18-112 City of Boise Attorney's Office Tenant Improvement Gafford Construction
RFP 18-094 Vista Median Public Artwork Saori Ide and Jonathon Russell
SFB 18-136 New/Unused SCBA Tanks w/NXG Valves Municipal Emergency Services
IRFP 18-102 Audio Visual Performance HOUD, Kate Walker, Kyle Morck
IRFP 18-101 Interactive Public Art TreeFort Kevin Fitzpatrick, Sam Johnson, Sector Seventeen
IRFP 18-100 New Media Projection Garek Druss, Goran Fazil, Ryan Donahue & Cassie Phippen
RFP 18-116 Airport Landscape Maintenance Sunshine Landscape
SFB 18-123 Four (4) New Unused 2018 ATV's Snake River Yamaha
SRFP 18-099 Parks & Recreation Marketing Services Rizen Creative
SFB 18-103 Zoo Boise Carnivore Diet Triple A Brand Meat Company
SFB 18-109 Ferrous Chloride Liquid Solutions Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.
SFB 18-108 Annual Irrigation Supplies FY18 SiteOne Landscape Supply
RFP 18-095 Real Estate Broker Services Colliers International, Cornerstone Commercial, Cushman & Wakefield, Mark Bottles, Story Commercial, Thornton Oliver
RFP 18-056 Fleet Purchases, Multi-Agency (A) Bronco Motors Nissan, (B) Corwin Ford, (C) Mountain Home Auto Ranch. 
FB 18-097 Step Ahead Tenant Improvement/Library Expansion Excelsior Construction Company
RFP 18-085 Investment Advisory Services FTN Financial Main Street Advisors
RFQ 18-085 Investment Advisory Services Shortlist
RFQ 18-098 Pre-Qualification for Cassia Park Tennis Court Construction The Tennis and Track Co.
RFP 18-075 Transportation Services Boise City Taxi Inc. and Central Cab Dispatch
CMGC 18-091 West Boise Treatment Improvements CMGC Services RSCI
RFP 18-071 Citywide Printing, Copying, Scanning & Faxing Management Services Optimizon
FB 18-078 Small Diameter Sewer Replacement Project FY18 Cascade Pipeline Corp.
RFQ 18-070 Real Estate Appraisal Services Langston and Associates
SFB 18-080 Terminal Drainage Outfall Repair Diamond Contractors, LLC
RFQ 18-072 West Boise Trunk Realignment Shortlist
RFP 18-047 Real Estate Broker Services Reject All
FB 18-035 Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS) Reject All
RFQ 18-031 Library Campus Architectural Services Safdie Architects
SFB 18-050 Asphalt Roadway Improvements, Boise City Shooting Range Sunroc Corporation
RFP 18-029 Real Estate Appraisal Services Reject All
RFP 18-023 Public Library Cleaning Services          Clearview Cleaning Services, Inc.