2019 Closed and Awarded Bids

Bid #

Bid Title (Tab Sheets)

Award (ITAs)

RFP 19-171 Body Repair and Paint for City Vehicles .
RFP 19-193 Lenel Security System Services .
SFB 19-219 Agricultural Land Plane .
SFB 19-230 Truck Hauling Services Ada Sand and Gravel
M.B. Truck and Transport, Inc.
FB 19-205 Vista Apartment Unit Rehab - Phase 2 Pacific Source Construction
SFB 19-214 Landscape Chemicals, FY19 Nutrien AG Solutions
RFQ 19-185 Hobble Creek Park Tennis Courts .
SRFP 19-181 Call to Artists: Traffic Box Art .
RFP 19-198 Digester Cleaning Golden Enviro LLC
FB 19-206 Overhead Street Light Replacement Alloway Electric Co.
FB 19-202 Bike Park Sewer Extension Copper River Energy, LLC
FB 19-176 BOI Apollo Street Parking Lot R4 Jim Buffington Construction
FB 19-194 Sonoma Village Sewer Rehabilitation Cascade Pipeline Corp.
RFQ 19-186 Pre-Qualification for Procure to Pay Solution .
SRFP 19-184 Interpretation Translation Services .
SRFP 19-151 Neighborhood Plan for West Downtown .
FB 19-174 Camel's Back Chute Stabilization - Phase 2 Diamond Contractors
FB 19-192 WBWRF Headworks Control Panel Woodhawk Controls
SFB 19-149 Franklin Park Shelter Haemker Construction
RFP 19-168 Misc. Pump and Well Repair Services Riverside Inc.
FB 19-183 Thirty-Two (32) New/Unused Club Car Stan’s Golf Cars
SRFP 19-152 Arts & History Brand Awareness & Engagement Rejected
SFB 19-117 Compost Give Back Site at WBWRF Young Paving, Inc.
SFB 19-157 Fairmont Park Shelter and Walkways BriCon Inc.
FB 19-124 Installation Boiler Exchange & Pumps WBWRF Record Steel and Construction Inc, dba RSCI
RFP 19-162 Cottonwood Creek Daylighting Project CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc.(Jacobs)
SFB 19-163 New/Unused Roller Harrow (Ground Hog) .
FB 19-166 Heron Park Boise River Bank Stabilization Precision Grading & Excavation, LLC
SFB 19-138 River Mile 37 Greenbelt Repairs Young Paving, Inc.
SFB 19-139 Hawkins Range Demolition Northwest Technologies Inc.
SFB 19-141 Pump Repair Parts CH Spencer LLC
RFQ 19-098 Integrated Cashiering System .
FB 19-069 Tree Pruning and Removal Services Done Rite Tree Co Inc., Forest Management Inc.
SFB 19-137 Annual Irrigation Supplies, FY19 Site One Landscaping Supply
SFB 19-126 Willow Lane Boat Ramp Repairs Precision Grading and Excavation LLC
FB 19-115 Marianne Williams Greenbelt Repairs RL Young Paving, Inc.
SFB 19-130 Emergency Boat Ramp Repairs RL Young Paving, Inc.
RFQ 19-094 Broad St. Festival Block Public Art Shortlist
SFB 19-131 Plantation Lake Harbor Bank Repairs CRC Design-Build Systems, LLC
SFB 19-127 Americana Tunnel Bank Repairs Copper River Energy, LLC
FB 19-136 Ammunition, Multi-Agency Salt Lake City Wholesale Sports
FB 19-134 West Park Center Bridge Bank Repairs Copper River Energy, LLC
RFP 19-128 Citywide Copier Hardware/Software, Services & Supplies Shortlist
SFB 19-106 Crescent Rim Roundabout Rehabilitation Diamond Contractors, LLC
SFB 19-109 Warm Springs River Bank Repair Falvey's LLC
SFB 19-111 Albertsons River Node Repairs Falvey's LLC
RFQ 19-073 Physical Records Management Solution Shortlist
SFB 19-110 River Access Repairs Falvey's LLC
SRFP 19-112 Neighborhood Signage Trademark Design
RFP 19-105 Community Development Analysis Vitruvian Planning, LLC
FB 19-088 Zoo Boise Anteater + Maintenance Building CM Company
SFB 19-076 BSU/Julia Davis Park Bank Repairs Copper River Energy, LLC
SFB 19-087 Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park Bank Repairs RL Young
FB 19-062 Installation of Well 7 Pump & Fittings Record Steel and Construction, dba RSCI
SFB 19-082 BOI Admin Office Lobby Remodel Triple G Construction, Inc.
SFB 19-085 Wyllie Lane Bank Repairs Falvey's LLC
SFB 19-095 New Unused Kiln Rejected
FB 19-027 Bulk Dry Polymer Polydyne, Inc.
RFP 19-041 Rhodes Skate Park Security Services Cancelled
RFP 19-070 Exhibit Design Services Multiple Vendors
SFB 19-080 Sewer Service to 1619 N. 18th American General Contractors, Inc.
SFB 19-081 Sewer Service to 1419 N. 8th American General Contractors, Inc.
RFQ 19-069  Tree Pruning & Removal Services Done Rite Tree Co. & Forest Management Inc.
SFB 19-064 Boulevard Mo-Tel Unit Rehabiliation Adame Construction, Inc.
SFB 19-067 Snow and Ice Removal Services Sunshine Landscaping Inc.
SFB 19-060 One Handheld Backscatter X-Ray Imager Heuresis
SFB 19-036 Logan Street Sewer Extension Terra West Inc.
SFB 19-037 Montana Avenue Sewer McMaster Excavation
FB 19-035 Well 7 Pump & Fittings (Equipment only) R.C. Worst Company (Open Market)
FB 19-034 Street Light Maintenance Quality Electric Inc.
FB 19-031 Small Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation FY19 Titan Technologies, Inc.
RFP 19-030 HVAC Maintenance Services - Library ACCO Engineered Systems