Vendor Registration

The City of Boise, in partnership with Onvia, Inc. electronically processes its procurement opportunities through the DemandStar procurement system.  DemandStar enables the City of Boise to better connect with vendors and improve the overall efficiency of its purchasing operation.

DemandStar Membership*
DemandStar enables the City to improve service to vendors by providing automatic bid notification and access to bid information via the web. Vendors are encouraged to participate in the City's system of electronic bid distribution.  Membership with DemandStar offers vendors a number of important benefits:

  • Automatic notification of bid opportunities and addendas via e-mail or fax
  • Access to project information including legal advertisements
  • Access to Planholders lists
  • Access to contract award information
  • Ability to submit sealed bid responses online for selected projects

Vendors may register for DemandStar services online or by calling 1-800-711-1712. Three membership options are available with DemandStar. Read through each option and select the one that is best for your business. To register for the free notification service of solicitations issued by the City of Boise through DemandStar, choose option #2.  A step-by-step tutorial for this option has been made available.

Who should use the DemandStar system

  • Individuals and businesses wanting to become a vendor or supplier for the City of Boise
  • Established vendors who need to update their information to remain competitive
  • Vendors who want to obtain copies of procurement opportunities
  • Vendors who want to know the status of procurement opportunities

Registration with DemandStar is not a requirement for doing business with the City of Boise.  However, if a vendor is not registered with DemandStar, they will not receive automatic notification of new bid opportunities.  Vendors opting not to register with DemandStar will be able to obtain bid information by picking up an electronic copy of the bid package at Financial Services, 1st Floor, City Hall, 150 N. Capital Blvd., Boise, ID.


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