Impact Fees

Impact Fees


Impact Fees are charges assessed for the impact that new development makes on the City of Boise’s regional parks, local parks, fire response system, and policing system. New residential development pays all four impact fee types, because they impact all four services. Non-residential development pays only fire and police impact fees, because it typically does not directly impact regional and local parks.

The City’s park service area extends to the City’s area of impact boundaries and is segregated by two types of park systems – Regional Parks and Local Parks. However, since local parks are intended to serve smaller geographic areas with different capital facility requirements and growth patterns, there are six (6) separate local park fee areas – each with separate impact fees. This means that the local park impact fees charged in any of the service areas pay only for the infrastructure which provides the direct benefit to that area. For example, the Southwest Local Park only funds parks in the Southwest service area. It does not fund parks in the North River service area.

The City’s fire and police service area is a single service area extending to the city limits, and does not include the area of impact. 

Impact Fee Calculator

In order to calculate estimated impact fees for your construction project, click this link.

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