Alternative Transportation

Mobility Options

The City of Boise is helping change the question from “Where do I park?” to “How do I get around?” Alternative transportation is a necessary part of a livable city. Hopefully some of the options below are helpful in saving you money and reducing pollution and congestion. 

Alternative Transportation

ValleyRide provides bus routes that serve Downtown Boise and surrounding areas, including services throughout Ada County and Canyon County. For more information on ValleyRide, visit

Park & Ride

Park And Ride Sign

The City of Boise has partnered with CCDC and Boise State to provide a Park and Ride for downtown employees. Additional details can be found here.



 Real Time Bus Locator (Valley Ride Bus System)


 ACHD Commuteride


Share the Ride Idaho!

Share The Ride Idaho is a quick, secure, and personal way to find all your commuting options. Using your home and work addresses, you can find a commuteride, vanpool or bus that matches your commute and search for nearby commuters looking for carpool, biking, or walking partners. The Share The Ride Idaho Transportation Portal is a powerful and convenient way to track all of your commuting activity.

Share The Ride Idaho

ParkBOI E-Permit

The ParkBOI E-Permit is an on-street parking option in designated areas. Click Here for more information. 

ParkBOI Twilight E-Permit

 The Twilight E-Permit is an on-street parking option for employees in need of Parking after 3pm. Click Here for more information. 

 Boise Green Bike

Boise Green Bike

Boise prides itself on being a bicycle friendly community. Downtown Boise offers bike racks for convenient bicycle parking, bicycle lanes on most major downtown roads, and even a Green Bike service that rents bikes for convenient transportation around Downtown Boise. Learn more about the Boise Green Bike program.