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Request Forms

There are four forms that can be found on this page. These must be filled out completely for Parking Services to process any of these requests. If you have any problems or questions, please contact Parking Services through our Contact Us link.

Late Fee Removal Request: Payments can occasionally be delayed if they are mailed in. If your payment was received after the late fee was added, this request form gives you an opportunity to explain the reason. Requests will only be approved for payments made within a reasonable amount of time. 

Citation Not Found: This form is to submit information on a parking citation that has not been entered into the online system yet. The reason for this is generally because the citation was issued by an enforcement officer who has not yet turned in the paper copy of the citation to be entered.

Appeal Deadline Waiver: This form is to submit an appeal on a citation that is more than 10 days old. Citations over 30 days old cannot be appealed. 

Vehicle Ownership ReviewThis form is to be filled out for citations received on a vehicle that may have been sold or purchased before or after a citation was issued. Please fill out the form as accurately as possible to identify the proper recipient of a parking citation. 

Vehicle Tow ReviewThis form is to have the circumstances behind a vehicle being towed reviewed.  

Parking Meter Receipt Request. This form should be submitted to obtain a copy of a credit card transaction receipt. A PDF version will be emailed to the cardholder upon review. 

Tow Review Policy

Citation Appeals Policy 


File Uploads:

Forms do not allow for files to be uploaded. If you wish to add any photographs or documents to your form, please email them directly to please enter the ticket or license plate number in the subject and indicate that you have submitted a form and would like to add attachments.