Park & Ride FAQ

1. What is the Elder Street Park & Ride Pilot Program?

a. In an effort to offer citizens with more options to get to and from downtown, the City of Boise has partnered with CCDC, Valley Regional Transit Center and Boise State University to offer a free shuttle service that will run from the Elder Street Park & Ride into downtown. 

2. How does it work?

a. Participants must register through online, click here. Once the registration is complete, users may start parking in the lot and utilizing the shuttle. No passes are required to ride the shuttle, but unregistered vehicles may be cited for parking in the lot. Spaces are guaranteed for registered vehicles.

3. What is the cost?

a. During the summer pilot program, there will be no charge for the shuttle or parking in the lot. Users will have to register their vehicle through Boise State’s permitting system. There may be a monthly fee beginning Fall of 2017

4. How long will the program run?

a. This program has been approved to run indefinitely at this time.

5. Where will the shuttle stops be located?

a. Stops:
     i. Elder Street Park & Ride Lot
     ii. University/Michigan (Boise State)
     iii. St. Luke's (Idaho St.)
     iv. Boise City Hall (Capitol and Idaho)

     v. 10th and Idaho

6. Frequency and times

a. The shuttle will operate Monday-Friday. Morning hours are 6:50am-9:05am and evening hours are 4:10pm-6:10pm. Riders can expect a shuttle every 45 minutes in the morning and every 60 minutes in the evening, but can use the live shuttle tracker to see where shuttles are in real time. 

7. How do I sign up?

a. Drivers will need to create an account through Boise State's website as the lot is owned and managed by the University. You will need your vehicle license information to create an account. Here’s the link to get started: /parking-services/downtown-park-ride/elder-street-registration/ 

8. How does the shuttle access work?

a. Users will be able to ride the shuttle to and from the lot without any special pass. Riders can track the shuttle location in real time: Click Here

9. Will I lose my spot on a garage waiting list?

a. No, you can remain on any waitlist for a downtown parking space, although a Park & Ride solution is likely to be far less expensive than paying for a monthly permit.

10. What if I need to get back to my car in the middle of the day, or miss the last shuttle back to the lot?

a. VRT's Vista Route 3 is available for service to the lot. Users will also be able to request taxi vouchers. These vouchers will provide contact information for a taxi to be dispatched and will compensate the driver for the ride to the lot. Users can receive up to 3 passes per month. To request taxi vouchers, please fill out this form

11. Who is operating this program?

a. This is a combined effort between the City of Boise, Capitol City Development Corporation (CCDC), Valley Regional Transit (VRT) and Boise State.

For additional comments or questions, please contact Tyler Johnson 208-972-8185