Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I pay parking citations or how do I pay by phone?

    Click here to pay your citation online ***No Convenience Fees***

    You may pay by mail:  

    Boise City Parking Services, Post Office Box 500, Boise ID 83701

    You may pay in person:

    City Hall, 150 N. Capitol Blvd, Parking Services Counter or at City Hall West, 333 N. Mark Stall Place

    You may pay by phone:

    You should have the citation number and the time of issue available.

    Click here to pay your citation online ***No Convenience Fees***

  • How do I find out if my payment was received or if I owe more money?

    Parking Services staff can be reached at our Contact Us Page. Just send us your license plate or citation number and we can verify payment.

  • Can I pay for my ticket online?

    Yes.  Click here to pay parking ticket online ***No Convenience Fees***

  • How can I get a permit to park in front of my house?

    If you reside within a Special Parking District or a Residential Parking Zone, you may obtain a permit at the Parking Services office at 150 N. Capitol Blvd.  You will need to bring in a current copy of your vehicle registration and either a copy of your lease agreement or a utility bill with your name and address in order to obtain a permit.

  • Is accessible parking available?

    Currently there are 39 accessible on-street parking spaces available in downtown Boise.  They are indicated by a sign and blue paint on the curb.  Any vehicle displaying the accessible plate or placard may park in these spaces without regard to time limits.  Any vehicle displaying the accessible plate or placard may park in ANY legal space without regard to time limits or accessible space indications.

    Accessible Parking Map

    To obtain accessible parking permits and place, please contact the Idaho Transportation Department:
    Disability--Special Plates 334-8655
    General Questions 334-8874
    3311 West State Street
    Post Office Box 7129
    Boise ID  83707-1129

    Parking a vehicle in an accessible parking space marked in conformance with the requirements specified in Idaho Code is prohibited, unless a vehicle is momentarily in the space to allow a disabled person to enter or leave the vehicle, or unless a special license plate or card for the disabled is displayed on the vehicle.

  • What is a "Special Parking District"?

    Special Parking Districts are created when residential neighborhoods are impacted by volumes of vehicles that arrive in an area and adversely impact the neighborhood and its residents.  

    Special Parking Districts are set up in such a way as to make it illegal for vehicles to move around within the boundaries of the District.  Anyone can park in the posted District for the maximum length allowed by the zone. After that time limit, the vehicle must be moved completely outside of the District or it is parked in violation.

    The City currently has two Special Parking Districts.

    Boise High Special Parking District

    Boundaries:  North side of State Street to the South Side of Fort Street between the West Side of 8th Street and the East side of 14th Street.
    Time Limit:  The entire 24 square blocks are posted as 1 hour time limits.

    SPD Zone 1
    Areas posted with signs indicating SPD Zone 1 are intended for use by residents and businesses within the area, permits are issued by Boise City
    SPD Zone 2
    Areas posted with signs indicating SPD Zone 2 are intended for use by Boise High School students and faculty, permits are issued by Boise High School

    South Boise Special Parking District

    Boundaries:  South side of Beacon between Broadway and Boise Avenue
    Time Limit:  The entire 30 square blocks are posted as 1 hour time limits.

    SPD Zone 3
    All areas posted with signs indicating SPD Zone 3, permit program available for residents and visitors only.

    Parking Permit programs are established for each Districts and persons interested in more information about permit programs should contact Parking Services.

  • Are "No Parking Zones" always marked?

    Parking is not allowed within certain areas and these areas are not always posted or painted.  It is the responsibility of the driver to be aware of the rules of the road.

    Parking is not allowed:

    • On sidewalks
    • On the street side of any parked vehicle
    • In an intersection
    • Within 50 feet of railroad tracks
    • On bridges or overpasses
    • In front of a driveway
    • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
    • Within 20 feet of a crosswalk
    • Within 30 feet of a stop sign, yield sign, or traffic signal
    • Within 20 feet of a fire station driveway
    • On any controlled-access highway
    • Where prohibited by signs or a painted red or yellow curb
  • Can I push the button on the meter again?

    No, that is considered to be the same as refeeding the meter, and is illegal.

  • Can I park under a stop sign?

    State code prohibits parking a vehicle within 30 feet of the approach side to a stop sign or a yield sign.

  • How close to a crosswalk can I park?

    Your vehicle -- both front and back bumpers -- can be parked no closer than 20 feet to a crosswalk unless there is a traffic light controlling the intersection, or unless you are parked at a metered space.

  • What defines a crosswalk?

    Crosswalks can be painted or unpainted.  Unpainted crosswalks exist at intersections where unmarked lines extend the plane of the sidewalk from one side of the street to the plane of the sidewalk on the other side of the street (defined in Idaho Code as "lateral lines").  Even though there may be no crosswalk stripes painted at an intersection, you will still be cited if you park within 20 feet of those "lateral lines."

  • Do I need to park next to the curb?

    Your wheels must be no more than 18 inches from the curb, or you could be cited for obstructing the traffic lane.

  • Is it okay to park facing into the direction of oncoming traffic?

    No.  If you were to do that, you would have to cross into the oncoming lane, and that creates a hazard.

  • People in my neighborhood park on the street with their tires up on the sidewalk. Is that legal?

    It is a safety violation to park any part of a motor vehicle on a sidewalk.  Sidewalks must be kept clear of obstructions to pedestrian traffic.

  • Can I park in a time zone more than once per day?

    City code states that a vehicle can park in a time zone on the same block face no more than once in a calendar day.  Upon expiration of the posted time, the vehicle must be moved to another block face for the remainder of that day.

  • Can I park in an accessible (handicap) zone with my motor running if I'm just waiting to pick up someone?

    Idaho State code and Boise City code are explicit when it comes to accessible parking spaces, and the penalties for violation are stiff. For a vehicle without an accessible license plate or placard, the only time an accessible space can be occupied is during the ACTIVE loading or unloading of a person WITH A DISABILITY.  That means the passenger must be adjacent to the vehicle.  Stopping for a few moments for any other purpose may result in an immediate citation, whether or not the vehicle is occupied.

  • I received a parking ticket for an expired meter in the morning. Can I leave my car in the same spot all day since I already got a ticket?

    Parking enforcement officers have the authority under City code to issue another, more expensive, citation every time the meter's time period expires.  The tickets may accumulate throughout the day, and the fines can become quite expensive.

  • What does a yellow curb mean?

    In Boise, yellow curbs mean NO PARKING, as do red curbs (fire lanes).  Do not park in either of them, even momentarily.

  • I'm only running into the store for a minute, and I turned on my car's flashers. Doesn't that indicate that I'll be right back, so please don't ticket my car?

    Warning flashers are designed to indicate that a hazardous situation exists with a vehicle.  They are not recognized as a pass for free parking, and any parking code violation will result in a citation.

  • I drive a small motor scooter. Can I park it out of the way on the sidewalk?

    Idaho code prohibits driving or parking any motor vehicle on a sidewalk.  Motorcycles and scooters are treated the same as cars.  Motorcycles and scooters need to be parked on the street, and the same rules apply to any motor vehicle, regardless of size.

  • What are the time limits for parking in a loading zone?

    Boise City code allows the use of loading zones for "the expeditious loading or unloading of passengers, supplies, and merchandise."  Trucks may park in a loading zone for up to 30 minutes, and passenger vehicles may park up to 10 minutes, but only while actively engaged in loading or unloading.  Loading zone laws are enforced 24/7.

  • Where can I find Boise City parking code?

    Parking laws and associated fines and penalties for violation are found at the Boise City website,, under "City Code," Title 10-11 and Title 10-17.

  • 8th Street Delivery Zone Q & A

    Q: Where is the designated delivery zone?

    A: East side of 8th street between Main St. and Bannock St. (in the metered parking area)

     Q: When can deliveries be made?

    A: Monday through Friday between 6am and 10am. These spaces can be utilized on weekends, but they are not reserved for deliveries on Saturday and Sunday. This area will be unavailable for any parking on Saturdays from April to December for the Capitol City Public Market

     Q: Is payment on the meter required?

    A: Payment is not required for metered parking for marked delivery vehicles during the deliver zone hours

     Q: Is there a time limit?

    A: Vehicles are to be parked for 30 minutes or less

     Q: Is double parking allowed if no spaces are available?

    A: Never (see Boise City Code Section 10-11-05)

     Q: Is parking in a bike or fire lane allowed if no spaces are available?

    A: Never (see Boise City Code Section 10-11-05)

     Q: Who can use the delivery zone?

    A: Marked delivery vehicles only. The delivery zone is set up for active deliveries only. Service vehicles and customers should not park in the established delivery zone until after 10am. Parking is available in the Eastman and Capitol Terrace parking structures with the courtesy first hour free option.

     Q: Can service vehicles utilize the delivery zone?

    A: Service vehicles are not the same as deliveries. Service vehicles should come after 10am or utilize other parking options. If a delivery is to be made by a service vehicle, see the answer to the next question.

     Q: What if a delivery must be made with a non-regular delivery vehicle?

    A: A vehicle may display a 6”X9” placard on the dash with the corresponding business name. This is to be done on a temporary basis and may not replace the requirement of being a marked delivery vehicle.  

    Q: What is the size restriction to make a vehicle a “Marked Delivery Vehicle”?


    Signs/decals should be no less than 5 inches tall*

    Signs/decals should be no less than 12 inches wide*

    If applicable, font size should be no less than 400 pt

     *These dimensions are the absolute minimum; larger signs/decals are preferred and visibility must be reasonable

     Q: If a delivery vehicle has a trailer do both vehicles need to be marked?

    A: Yes

     Q: What other options are available if these spaces are taken or if a trip does not fit into these stipulations?

    A: There are 6, 20 minute loading zone spaces (3 on the first floor of Eastman Garage and 3 on the first floor of Capitol Terrace Garage) that can be utilized for short term parking in close proximity to these businesses.

                For additional information on parking/loading, please contact parking services

  • What can be done about a car parked illegally on my street?

    Please fill out our Parking Enforcement Request (Click Here) or call our office at 208-972-8150.  If it is in our area of patrol, we can issue a citation.  If it is not within our area of patrol, we will refer you to the appropriate agency and phone number. 

  • How do I contest a parking ticket?

    If you believe a parking citation was issued in error, there is a process to appeal the citation. Please view the Citation Appeals Policy.

    Click Here to submit your appeal, you will need your license plate number and ticket number. 

    In order to contest a parking ticket, you must be the registered owner of the vehicle. Bring your ticket and registration to Parking Services at 150 N Capitol Boulevard. We will initiate the paperwork to sign up for court. You will be scheduled to report to Ada Traffic Court at 200 Front Street to plead "not guilty." You will be given a court date to see a judge. If the judge finds against you, Ada County Court fees will be added to the original price of the citation.


  • Who do I call to request parking enforcement or to report a faulty parking meter?

    Please call the Parking Services office at 208-972-8150.

  • What do I do if my car is towed?

    If the vehicle was towed for unpaid parking tickets, call Boise Valley Towing for vehicle retrieval.  All tow fees and parking fees will be collected at the impound lot.

    Boise Valley Towing

    6381 Supply Way

    Boise ID, 83716

    (208) 389-9707

    If the vehicle was towed for some other reason, call Ada county dispatch 377-6790  to determine which company accomplished the tow.

  • How much are parking tickets?

    Parking fee amounts are set in the Boise City Clerk’s fee schedule. Please click here for a list of fees. 

  • Is it legal to park in an alley?

    No person shall park a vehicle within an alley, except while actively engaged in the expeditious loading and unloading of passengers, supplies and merchandise. In no case shall the stop for loading and unloading exceed thirty (30) minutes.

  • What happens if I don't pay my ticket on time?

    Ten (10) days from the ticket issue date, if not paid, a $15.00 administrative penalty is added to the ticket.

    An additional $15 administrative penalty will be added to the ticket every 6 months from the issue date (in addition to the initial 10-day fee).

  • What hours and days are the parking meters zones enforced?

    Parking meters are enforced 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

    The following Holidays are observed by the City:

    • New Year's Day
    • Martin Luther King Jr./Human Rights Day
    • President's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Veteran's Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day
  • I maxed out my parking meter, but my meeting is running long. Can I just run out to put more money into the meter until the meeting is over?

    Unfortunately, no.  City code prohibits the refeeding or replugging of a parking meter.  You will need to move your vehicle to another parking space.

  • Is there any Motorcycle Parking Downtown?

    There are currently 18 on-street motorcycle parking locations available in downtown Boise

    Motorcycle parking PDF 

  • After Hours Parking (Within Boise City Parks)

    Boise City Code Prohibits Vehicles in City Parks After Closing Hours

    Section 13-03-03 TRAFFIC

    No person in any park shall: E. Parking. 2. Night Parking. Leave a vehicle standing or parked after closing hours of the park, except by permit in designated areas


  • How do I obtain a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Permit?

    Please click here for more information aobut ZEV permits and for the permit application.