Park Mobile

Pay for metered parking through the convenience of your phone.

Parkmobile is a convenient way to pay for your on-street parking through your mobile phone.In addition to the ability to pay for your parking with just a click of a button, you can also set up alerts to be notified when your parking session is set to expire. The Parkmobile app is free, however, transaction fees may apply.

Click here for an instructional video.

To use Parkmobile:

  1. Download the Parkmobile app to your Apple or Android device.

  2. Sign up with an easy registration.

  3. Enter your zone number or scan the QR code from the Parkmobile sticker on your parking meter.

  4. Confirm zone number, location, and license plate number for the parked vehicle.

  5. Choose the duration you wish to park.

  6. Start parking – and enjoying downtown Boise!

NOTIFICATIONS: Parkmobile can send 15-minute notifications to let you know when your session is about to expire. If you have not reached the maximum meter time, you can extend your session through the mobile app and continue your downtown business.