Zero Emission Vehicle Permit

Zero Emission “Green” Vehicle (ZEV) Parking Permit

The City of Boise currently offers a parking permit for truly zero emission vehicles that allows free parking at meters for up to the maximum allowable time. Prior to issuing a permit, the vehicle must be inspected by Boise City Fleet Services. This inspection ensures the vehicle is truly a Zero Emission Vehicle. The cost of the permit is $10/Year (inspections will not need to be completed each year unleses vehicle or license plate change).

Does my vehicle qualify?

There are more ZEVs on the market today than ever before. The most common ZEVs are the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, and Teslas (multiple models). Modified vehicles may qualify, but will have to pass the inspection. Hybrids, electric hybrids and PZEV (partially zero emission vehicles) do not qualify.

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