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Parking Services

Parking Services maintains around 1,300 on-street parking meters. All parking meters accept coins, and most accept credit cards. 

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PARKMOBILE: All parking meters now offer the ability to pay using the Parkmobile application. The app stores your vehicle information for subsequent trips downtown. Parkmobile reminds you when your time is about to expire and offers the ability to extend your parking session remotely (up to the maximum allowable parking time for the meter). The time will not be displayed on the physical parking meter, but enforcement officers are notified of active parking sessions. For more information, click here

Online Payments for Parking Citations

  • The City of Boise does not charge a convenience for online payments on parking citations. There is a QR code on most parking citations for easier mobile lookup with a barcode scanning application.
  • To pay for parking citations online or submit a citation appeal, click here.  

Meter Payment Methods

Downtown parking meters offer convenient payment options, including credit/debit cards, Downtown Boise Association gift cards and the Parkmobile app.

Alternative Transportation

Click here for more information on alternative transportation and other mobility options. 


Parkboi Compact Rgb